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  1. Here are the wiring diagrams for the 2002 Sc430. www.lexuslife.com/tech/electrical/electrical_sc02.zip hope that helps
  2. Thanks for the advice. Those diagrams should make my job a bit easier if I can get them. After more research, I've got a better idea of what I want, but still need help getting there. Should I keep the OEM Head Unit? The OEM Mark Levinson head unit sounds good; hate to replace it if I dont need to. VaisTech doesn't appear to offer text support for 2004 and earlier models. Is it possible to get the OEM unit to support HD radio and ipod WITH TEXT and WITHOUT FM modulators? Or replace the OEM head unit? Would a double-din be the best type? Would the OEM woodfinish cover flip-down and conceal it? Crutchfield says 2004 SC430 has 9 1/16" depth; Size code E. Does this mean that I can get just about double-din thats less than 9" in depth and have reasonable assurance it will work? I'll need a special mounting kit in order to fill up the holes. Is Crutchfield my best bet here, or do I have alternatives? Considering these units. Please comment if you know anything about them. JVC KW-AVX710 Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD 2-Din DVD Multimedia AV Receiver JVC Arsenal KW-ADV790 JVC KW-AVX810 Vehicle Multimedia Receiver w/ 7" Touch Panel Monitor Kenwood DDX512 Back-up Camera I want it to function automatically when car is in reverse. Do I need anything more than NavTool and a camera-integrated plate? NavTool makes installation seem too simple. Is there a wire connected to the reverse gear already running to the trunk, or do I have to run it myself? Any wisdom on the matter will be appreciated.
  3. Hi all, I was hoping someone here could help. I have become the ecstatic owner of a BLUE 2004 SC430. It is my dream car. When I drive, I see absolutely no other car on the road that I would rather have. My only complaint would be the lack of bluetooth. Strangely, the Lexus dealer said he couldn't install it. So, off I go into the aftermarket. I'd like some recommendations as to where I should go: (in order of importance) FINISHED LOOK: No holes or wires running all over the place. bluetooth use should interrupt any audio playback (so I can have the music loud and still hear it ring) Voice dialing HD radio USB connection Discrete ipod connection. storage (HD or flash mem) DVD drive touch screen (possibly) I checked out VAIS and was very impressed, but unfortunately their products don't support bluetooth. Any suggestions as to where I should go next would be greatly appreciated.