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  1. Hi Jill, I took a thin wire hanger and slipped it down the hinge area, jiggled it around a bit and eventually the flash drive shifted so it lies flat and the door now works completely fine. It took about 10 minutes to do this and it seems that I pushed to item back toward the armrest where there was more room for it to settle. I did consult with Lexus and they confirmed that they would have to remove the entire center console to get it out so I am happy with this simple result. Good luck to you, GSY
  2. Hello all, I had a small flash drive in my upholder which now dropped behind the hinge of the latch/closer for the cup holders. I have a 2010 RX350. Now I can't open the latch all the way because the flash drive is blocking it. Is there any way to remove the hinge myself before bringing it to the dealer? Thank you in advance, GSY
  3. I have broken my collar bone once and then shattered the same collar bone a few years later when I was younger. It sucks. Just about anything that you do hurts. Best of luck to you. Hey make sure the wifey takes care of you. Hey baby can you get me a drink. Sweetie do you mind reaching me that drink. :) I am indeed getting plenty of TLC from wifey but it's also very liberating that I can have some "alone time" in the car and the remote touch helps a lot. I feel like I have some freedom back. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Hello All, I am one week past a shattered clavicle with surgery after a cycling accident and just starting to drive very locally. The right collarbone was broken and although my mobility is pretty good post surgery I still have pain reaching forward with my right hand. My wife has a 2010 ES 350 with navigation and there is no way I could manipulate the touch screen. I however have a 2010 RX 350 with remote touch which lets me use any function in the car that I want. The positioning of the controller is perfect as my hand simply rests there very naturally. The Lexus designers really succeeded with this feature. Thanks for reading, GSY
  5. For sale are the 2 year old original Lexus tan rubber floor mats from my 2009 RX 350. There are five (5) mats in all (front passengers, rear passengers and cargo). All were purchased at my Lexus dealer and are in very good condition. The rear seat mats have some small white staining from winter salt in the northeast and the driver's mat has a slight amount of wear which is barely noticeable. The front passenger mat and rear cargo mat are near perfect. All photos in this post are of the actual items being sold. The mats fit the RX 350 model years 2007-2009. Price is $225.00 including shipping within the CONUS. I accept Pay Pal, US Money Order or cash for local pickup. Thank you for looking! GSY
  6. My wife's lease comes up in December and I'm curious of the 2010's will be out by then. Thanks in advance.
  7. I have to check my contract but it's probably about 15 cents per mile.
  8. thank you both for the replies. It is in fact a business leased vehicle and that is why we lease. (small family business) I don't have access to another vehicle so my inclination is to get tough with the dealer next time and tell him I'll only take out two more vehicles (my wife will be due at that time as well) unless they eat the excess miles on this car. Thanks again and enjoy the weekend. G
  9. Hello, I leased a 2009 RX 350 in October 2008 for 12,000 miles per year over 4 years. I have always leased Fords with this setup and had no problem but I now switched to Lexus and will never go back. It's now 9 months later and I already have 14,000 miles on the vehicle. My work and personal routine changed drastically which accounts for the excess mileage and it is not expected to change. My feeling is to just ride out the lease and then negotiate with the dealer at the end of the term with the proposition that they excuse the excess the mileage and I'll lease from them again, otherwise I'll go to another dealer, get a BMW, etc. etc. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I should I do? Should I stick to my plan, renegotiate the lease for more miles? Anything else? Thank you all in advance for any advise. GSY
  10. Hello All, I have a 2009 RX 350 which I love. When the climate controls are "off" I can still feel fresh air coming out of the center vents. Is there a way to close these vents? There is a shut off control knob for the side vents but none for the center. Thanks in advance. GSY
  11. I have an 09 RX 350 which I was love but was disappointed that my iPhone contacts don't sync with the Nav/Phone system. Does anyone know if this has been resolved with the 2010 model?
  12. I'm a 43 year old male and just got a 2009 RX350 in your choice #4 - Breakwater Blue with Ivory/Maple. I couldn't be happier. It's a wonderful color blue and hides dirt exceptionally well. I was considering silver as well but the blue adds a nice dash of color with the same "dirt hiding" properties as sliver. Good luck. It's a great vehicle. G.
  13. My wife likes my RX but prefers a sedan for the "cushy" ride and trunk. I appreciate the Acura recommendation and will look into that as well.
  14. Same here but I had it corrected. I have a 2009, Breakwater Blue with Ivory interior. They gave me gray floor mats which did not look right to me. The salesman quite frankly did not what color the mats should be and said that the gray was meant to match the gray on the dashboard. Didn't sound right to me so I checked Lexus accessories online and found that they sell Ivory mats to match my Ivory interior. I showed this to the Sales Manager and he quickly ordered a replacement set of Ivory mats for me which were swapped out for the gray. Good luck.
  15. That sounds very encouraging Don. Thanks for the reply and good luck with your ES. If it's OK for Canada it's more than OK for New Jersey (with winter tires).
  16. My wife currently drives a Ford Five Hundred AWD sedan (presently re-badged as the current Taurus). It' a heavy car and with AWD she feels comfortable driving it in the snow. Her lease will be up in the spring and we're "stepping up" to Lexus for her. I just got a 2009 RX350 and love it. She and I both love the ES350 for her but her only concern is that there is no AWD offering. We live in Northern New Jersey where snow can be a problem at times. Nothing treacherous but just slick enough to be a hazard. The IS with AWD is too small for her and the LS with AWD is too pricey right now. We could possibly stretch to a GS350 with AWD but quite frankly the ES is more in our budget. Q - For anyone who is familiar with both vehicles, is the AWD on the GS350 that much better in the snow than the FWD ES350 to justify the $15,000 + price difference? My thought is that the traction and stability controls of the ES when coupled with the front wheel drive may make snow driving somewhat equal on the two vehicles but I would very much appreciate more learned opinions than mine. Thank you all in advance. George
  17. Is there a speed limit to which ECT should not exceed? Thank you in advance.
  18. I'm still playing with the Nav system and not sure yet what voice commands are recognized. I can't seem to find a list in the instruction manual. Is there a printed list somewhere?
  19. Thanks for the reply. I'll keep this site handy when my wife is ready for her ES 350. It really is a nice feature to have once you get used to it. G.
  20. I just got my RX 350 last week and although the bluetooth pairs nicely the contacts don't transfer. I have found out though by searching the contacts in my iphone I simply tap the contact on the phone and then select "RX 350" on the iphone dialer selection that comes up (iphone, RX 350, or bluetooth headset). Works very well. I am surprised that Lexus hasn't addressed the iphone contacts sync properly though consider how it has conquered the cell market in such short time. Good luck. George
  21. Hello, My wife and I are just entering into Lexus after nearly 15 years with Ford. I just picked up my 2009 RX 350 and she's next with an ES 350 in a few months. The Lexus is a far superior product to Ford but the only thing that our Fords had that Lexus doesn't is a keypad entry system on the door handle. Can anyone recommend an aftermarket keypad door system that will work with our Lexus's? Thank you in advance. George