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  1. The Nakamichi system is much more complicated. I don't think there is a wiring diagram for it. I don't think anyone makes a harness that plugs into the Nakamichi amp.
  2. HI, I AM ON THE SAME ROUTE, BUT WHERE WILL THE RCA PLUG INTO, BOTH OF MY RCA OCCUPIED, IAM USING A HARNESS THAT INTEGRATE INTO MY FACTORY AMPS. BUT SUB IS NOT WORKING. CAN YOU GIVE ME MORE INSIGHT? THANKS.... I used the RCA subout on my headunit to plug into the subwoofer. If you run out of RCA outputs on your headunit then you will have to split it. I did not use the factory amp integration harness for any connections to the sub.
  3. I finally got the stock sub working with my aftermarket stereo. No audio integration harness is needed. All you need is a RCA to speaker wire cable and tap into the Sub + and Sub - wires (black wire and white wire). I was following the diagram for Socket D and it lists the Sub + signal as D1 and Sub - signal as D5 ; however that did not work so I thought maybe I was looking at the diagram backwards. So I tried tapping the speaker wire to D4 and D10 and heard the subwoofer. So it appears you need to tap into D4 and D10 instead of D1 and D5. Great d
  4. While I was doing my inspection/emissions test, the mechanic mentioned I should check the belt since they should be changed every 5 yrs or 60K miles, whichever comes first since they the belt is rubber. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Do I need to change the timing belt in the '92 SC400 if I have 29.5K miles on the car? What other things should I look at that might need to be replaced? Thanks!
  6. Has anyone ever used the leather repair kit from . I have some cracks and wear on my seats and I want to know if anyone has tried this product. If not, what do you guys use? Thanks in advance!
  7. Just bought a Gold '92 SC400 with tan interior with 29k miles from an older lady.
  8. The leather has some wear probably because she didn't clean/condition the leather since she is an older lady. She said she took it to the mechanic to check if anything needs to be replaced before she sold it. She replaced certain belts, wipers, fluids, etc. I will post pics later of the dent and maybe someone can tell me how much it would cost to fix it. Thanks!
  9. I just purchased the car today. The miles is correct. I will post pics of the dent and the car probably tom. I couldn't lower the price any more than $4600. They originally wanted 6K. There was another person willing to offer the same price but I was the first one to see it so she let me buy it. Thanks for all the help.
  10. Hi, I just signed up to check with the SC400 enthusiasts of whether a 1992 SC400 with 29,500 original miles is worth it for $4600. I would be the 2nd owner. The first owner has it since new and is 71 yrs old. It was rarely driven. The leather interior is in great condition for its age and does not have any tears and has minor wear. There is a dent (~4-6in. diameter) in the quarter panel near the rear bumper from someone hitting it when parked. The rear bumper has some scratches and stuff from being parked on the streets in the city. The car is gold color. The engine seems smoot
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