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  1. Threre are people backed into the streets 20-30 cars long, police directing in some, most out of gas, its like the end of the world here downtown.
  2. Ok you dont beleive me. I dont need to hear about it. Look around J. I didnt jump on this forum bragging or anything. Someone asked me a questin and I answered it to the best of my ability and everyone jumps in and says that it isnt true because I dont know the specifics. Im not a mechanic. I didnt build it. I dont understand any of it, true. Id dont care Id rather take it to a racing mechanic and say heres 30k. Make it fast. Call me when u run out and I want my change. Most people dont know whats under their hood or how it works. Some people dont wanna be bothered and they just wanna push a pedal really hard. So I dont have a video. What dork has a video of their car. My car is trash compared to most of my friends cars If I wanna see it go fast I drive it. Only people with an over-estimated sense of theirself or whatever they are filming, film their stuff. And if you think that someone cant take a Honda Cicic, Toyota Supra, Grimlin..etc. ANY kind of car and turn it into a 10 sec. car you'r no mechanic either.
  3. Replace the entire system? What could possily be broken beyond repair?
  4. No but I'm looking into going sky-diving in Atlanta. I HAVE to do it in beetween symesters so Ill have time, so Im trying to get it set up
  5. My car did it.(not an es but smoke is smoke I guess) It was the P/S pump leaking.
  6. Thers a truck a lot like this one 4 sale up the road from me.
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