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  1. Good Morning, thanks for sending. After months of discussion and help from dealership, Lexus replaced the two front door arm rests at no charge. As you may know it involved the entire door panels. Mike
  2. Hi Jeff, thanks for responding. The cracks are similar, but the material has not peeled away as yours has. I have checked with re upholstery shops and the material is synthetic. so its not easy to repair. I am thinking some type of cover-up material would work, the rest of the panel is OK. terrible design - have to replace entire panel to fix a minor item. Mike
  3. My Lexus drivers side door armrest is badly worn and cracked in several spots. Dealer review indicates replacing the entire door panel is required. I recall part costs over $2,000 plus installation. wow. I have had auto repair shops look it over and have not found a fix. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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