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  1. Please be careful when using the ebay site for lexus keys. Please don't use the REMOTESUPERSTORE, I thought I was getting a new cut key with remote however the dealer couldn't program it and the seller only sent me a replacement and it didn't work either. After reporting them to the BBB, I finally gave up and accepted I just gave away $100 Kim
  2. I was quoted $570 by my local lexus dealer in NC...............however you can always go to Toyota they are normally cheaper for the services.........Good Luck Kim
  3. When I first got my 03 Lexus in 06 I also went to the recall site. At that time there was a recall for a couple of items. I went to the dealer, originally they denied there was a recall but they did end up fixing the recalled item....................however, I forgot what it was for...I will have to go back and check my records. Kim
  4. Bill, You must be my savior :) Thank you sooooooooooo much. My bulb/blinker also blew this weekend; I did go and purchase the bulb from the auto part store. However, when I opened my hood (for the first time) this morning I was thinking there is no way.............I was going to call and make an appt at the dealer today and thought to check here first for great people like you :) So now I know what to do..........I LOVE THIS FORUM, IT'S SO USEFUL FOR little girls like me :) Kim
  5. I agree with the remote starter having a separate remote. I don't have one now on my Lexus but I did have one installed on my Land Rover . I had to use the remote that came with the kit. Good Luck, I'm sure if you have it installed you will love it..........however, you might want to ensure you have it installed at a reputable place that will have a guarantee against the "Best Buy" The dealer can't assist you if something goes wrong, and some say when it's installed it may void the dealer check that out also.... Kim
  6. Not sure if you have actually went in to the dealer to complain about the vibration of the vehicle or not...if you haven't then you should...just actually make an appt to complaint about how bad the vibration is when you are stopping and they should put you fix it for you right away....Many people are on the waiting list to get the clunk fixed because they aren't having major problem...So make yours a major problem and you will go to the front of the list...not just a stand by. Good Luck Kim
  7. I bought a new key from Ebay for my lexus and paid $45 to get it cut by a locksmith and another $45 to get it programmed....I didn't bother trying to program it was just easier, but it took him all of 5 min to program it :( next time I will program it myself and not be lazy :) So go to ebay and buy a NEW Key and transponder for about $60 and pay another $45 to get it cut and program it yourself :) Kim
  8. I have an 03 GX470 and have tried all 3 levels of gas (87,89,91) -87 actually made my vehicle sluggish at take off. -89 felt right with take off and performance on the highway -91 didn't make enought difference for me to continue to pay the big difference. So, I decided to stick with 89 (mid-grade) and I have been very happy with the performance of my vehicle overall. Good Luck and get that clunk taken care of ASAP....all the dealers should have the part in stock now.... Kim
  9. Yes, the dealer replaced mine on Tuesday and so far no clumping :) Keep your fingers crossed for me...
  10. You can always go to your local CarMax and they will buy the vehicle at the Kelly blue price....and then you can just go and purchase the new Lexus....that way you know you will be getting a fair price...Just a thought...
  11. Most places I have went to for oil changes automatically provide me the 1/2 of left over oil...I take with me the next time to be used............So yes you should demand that 1/2 of qt of left over oil....
  12. Thanks for the tip..........
  13. I am in the military and will be going to Cuba for a year then head to Europe. I would like to sell my 2000 RX300 currently with 49000 miles for $22000. It has tan leather interior, it is a AWD, wood grain trimmings and step tubes. I am the 2nd owner, the car was a lease vehicle so all the service records are up to date. This car is in almost perfect condition...and I would hate for it to sit in a storage unit for 3 years. Also has an extended warranty until 100,000 miles Please view my album to see additional photos. Serious inquiries please call (910)-257-1933. Will not deploy until
  14. From what I was told concerning my 2000 RX300.......... that it wouldn't be worth the cost to install it............our suv wasn't set up the navigation system, so it would the suv would have to be totally rewired. I'm not sure if this applies to the 2001 model also or not. I would go with your brother and get a portable one. Good Luck
  15. Just wanted to thank everyone for the advise on the transmission drainage.....I had it done today at the Toyota dealer instead of the Lexus dealer and it was actually 60% cheaper. It as $79 at Toyota and $180 at Lexus............I really did feel the difference afterwards, again thanks Lexus owners.
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