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  1. Just a couple of comments. The Buick Lacrosse is a nice looking car and I am sure that some will buy it over a Lexus (I have an 08 ES350 UL). I am waiting to see how the reliability comes out over time....then maybe I would consider it IF I don't stay with another Lexus. On the handling of the Lexus, I always tell everyone that if you want a quiet comfortable luxury ride, go with the Lexus. If you want a driver's handling car and want to drive 80 mph around a curve and feel it, get a BMW or Infiniti....but it is noisier inside ("drivers" like to hear the engine) and it is not as luxurious inside (in my opinion).
  2. Hmmm...I never knew there were two positions? What is the difference and why? I got my 2008 in Dec 2007 and have never changed the position.....so I am just curious.
  3. You should "pin" this to this forum....it does help because that oil maint reqd alert is annoying. For me, I get my car picked up and a loaner left from my Lexus dealer (for free...except I am sure I pay for it...but it is convenient). They forgot to do it once and I didn't know this until I went through all the paperwork with my car then found it on the Internet....argh. Anyway, the dealer doesn't forget anymore...but I am going to use this now since they don't get my car until next week! Thanks again!!!!!!!
  4. If it is a Lexus dealer, I would really be surprised.....unless, you are getting a really great deal on it. If not, I would negotiate the heck out of them. I am sure you know this but in case you don't...use Edmunds.com and use the Apraise My Car area. You can then use the various conditions to see what range of price you should offer (of course go lower than what Edmunds says). Good luck!
  5. Bobby Rahal Lexus of Mechanicsburg has been great. Each time a very good car....the last one (for the recall) was a 2010 RX ES350. Last year, we got a 2009 RX or a 2009 IS. All were clean and full of gas!
  6. I also believe the Nav system is upgraded - new look, new maps, etc. Do any of you know if that is true? Also, do you know if you can get this upgrade for a 07-09 ES? Thanks in advance for your response!
  7. Did you get a chance to check if the Lexus still has the lock out of messges (MSG) for audio/radio songs and a lock out to use the Navigation? That is the one drawback I don't like. I had to pull over to use the Nav because the voice commands weren't working well and when I wanted the list of POIs that I wanted to go to but could not while driving. The Acura/Cadillac/Infiniti do not have the lock out feature. Please let me know...and thanks for the video!!! It was great!
  8. I guess audio is in the "ears of the beholder". :)
  9. I have the same experience as Appleton. My 2008 ES350 has a fast idle but after a few minutes it slows down. Also, sometimes I put my foot on the gas a little and the idle slows down. I usually make sure I keep my foot on the brake if I don't let it idle for long.
  10. I forgot to say that I am not an audiophile either. Navsafe, it sounds like you are very knowledgeable....I am just a layman and just like good sound in my car....from a novice perspective!
  11. Siva, I offer this. I bought the ML and the base is still not what I am used to. Which brings me to my point...."what I am used to". I used to have a car with the Bose System in it. The bass in the Bose system is a deep, booming bass. The ML and the Lexus Premium system to have a more "balanced" bass/treble sound. I did test out between the ML and Premium and I actually thought the bass was a little deeper on the Premium vs. the ML. However, with the ML, it is "supposed" to be true-er sound and cleaner/crisper sound. Not sure if it what you are experiencing is because of what you are used to....like what I am experiencing. I do have to say though that as I get used to the ML system, I like it more and more. Was it worth the extra $$....I am not so sure but I guess if I get another system, I may not like it because I am "used to" the ML system. Good luck in your quest to improve the audio quality!
  12. I believe that all 08 ES350s had version 7.1. Not sure about 2007 ESs. So if you have 7.1, my opinion is that you wait a year or 2 for the next update. I have a Garmin portable unit also for my wife's car and have not got an update in 2 years and it still works fine. However, new developments, new road updates aren't in but usually the road changes are not so major that the GPS can't get you back on track. Now the new developments are a different story....but, really depends if you need to get into the new developments. Just my opinion.
  13. Hey, I found the link...here it is. It depends on which version of Nav you are running. I think only the v5.1 will work (the 08s have the v7.1 and this doesnt work). Good luck and I wish I could do this. http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index...showtopic=46844
  14. Welcome Rick! I, like rtj, have an 08 ES350 purchased Dec 07. I have about 10,500 miles on it and I love it!!! As rtj says, it is not a German driving machine (cornering, etc), but the ride and comfort and quietness is the best. I drove the BMWs 3/5, Mercedes C, Infiniti G/M, Cadillac CTS/STS, and I love the ES. But I valued comfort/quietness over cornering at 85 mph! Again, welcome!
  15. Use the search function in this forum and you should find it (use Navigation Bypass or something with more than 4 letters). I remember reading that in the 07 ES you can hit the screen in certain places everytime you start the car to do it. I have an 08 and I can't do this or no one has figured it out yet for the 08 (without breaking a bunch of connectors which will void the warranty). Good luck in finding it.
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