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  1. There haven't been too many recent posts on 98 ES problems. I noticed yours on the high-mounted stoplight and I wanted to see if you have experienced problems with hestitation and jerkiness at 40-45 mph while at cruise speed (not acelerating or decelerating). This started on mine at about 210,000 miles. I have 217,000 on it now. My mechanic said he can't find the reason. There were no codes and no lights. Any thoughts?
  2. Unfortunately, I got my replacement bulb from Lexus. That was a Dumb-a** move. It cost me $45! Glad to know that in future I don't need a genuine Lexus part and can just go to Walmart.
  3. Anybody know the best oil change interval when using synthetic lubicants like Mobil One? The Lexus owners manual only mentions the normal interval of 7500 miles and severe duty interval of 5000 miles. Porsche recommends 12,000 miles with Mobil One for their vehicles. Surely, Lexus can't be that far off.
  4. what about the change interval for synthetic lubricants like Mobil One? Does anyone know what Lexus recommends? I can't find it anywhere and their customer service just says its the same as for normal lubricants. This doesn't make sense.
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