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  1. Thanks! yeah don't touch the new bulb with your bare hands. Wear rubber gloves if you want. The oils on your hand will cause the bulb to heat up more than it should and it'll go out. My Hyundai XG300 (don't buy it, lol) burnt through the bulbs like nothing and I realized it was because I kept touching the bulbs. Yeah I didn't think of the up/down position either, so just listen to what the above said... in the direction of the bulb As for resetting the clip...if the bulb looks straight or looks like it did before you took it out it's fine...because I think there was a time when i was lik
  2. Alright I'm writing this because I looked throughout the forum and couldn't find any CLEAR instructions or pictures to change a low beam bulb on a 1998 ES300 Lexus ... so I told myself if I figured it out I'll take pictures and here it is... 1. Buy an H7 bulb for your LOW BEAM HEADLIGHT REPLACEMENT This can be found at Wal-Mart or Auto Zone...or wherever you choose...I choose the brand Sylvania it was the only choice... it ran $14.99 at Auto Zone I think I saw it at Wal-Mart for cheaper 2. Find the Low Beam area under the hood It's the one with the rubber piece the other is for your hi
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