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  1. Gannon, I reset my nav, and it ended up going down again after 1 day. Dont know what to do, dont want to spend 1900 to fix it Rob Folks, does anyone out there have a Lexus connection to a service professional who can comment on Nav and DVD issues...I have an 02 LS430 that wont read the disc...got the service menu up, so I know that the nav system works...appears to be the DVD reader...Lexus dealership says 1000 for the drive (not the whole box!!!!) I know that there has to be a better answer than that - 100 bucks, I believe...I can take pix, as I've had the nav box out and apart, and have looked at the DVD disc (can read the file system on a PC), but the nav DVD drive itself seems to be defective...anyone out there with ideas - advice. I have an iphone that gives me great nav, but want to get the internal Lexus nav system working...thanks
  2. Folks TILT STEERING NOT OPERATING ON LS430 Just fixed mine tonight 02 LS430 Ultra. Tilt was inoperable and on lowest (and most inconvenient) setting. Took about 30 mins. 3 screws (1 bottom, 2 on front face of shroud that you must turn steering wheel 90 degrees each way to access) to remove shroud. Motor was stuck. Was making very quiet clicking noise when I tried the switch. On 02, the motor assembly is parallel and below the steering column shaft. 2 metric allen keys and the motor releases from the column in which the steering wheel can be now lifted up. This will allow the motor to be free to be manually spun and manipulated by hand to free up. There may be an E clip that is on the worm gear that may be very tight and jamming the motor. Once the motor is spun to free it's movement, you can disconnect the harness, spin the motor to get it free (gear may need to be lubricated), the motor can be repositioned in a manner to have the column tilted to the level desired. Once that's done, reassemble and enjoy. I snapped several photos that I'll included that will make it more easily to visualize. Studying it and determining the cause took about 1 hour. Once you know what you need to do, job should take appx 30 mins or less, assuming you have the correct tools and are mechanically inclined. This is the view from the left side of the column. Remove the gold colored hex head bolt which releases the harness. The black hex head screw to the lower right of that is the right motor captive screw to be removed. This is the view from the bottom. A black colored hex head cover screw which contains a small spring and guide has been removed. The worm gear (long straight expoosed screw like mechanism) is attached to the tilt motor. The E clip that was jamming the motor was located on the worm gear (motor is at the top of the photo, worm gear is attached to the shaft of the motor, E clip is located (removed in this photo) in the area just above where the gear threads begin. View from the right of the steering column. Black hex head screw in middle of photo is the right captive screw on the motor. Email or message me with questions. Best Rick
  3. Some $%^&* wanted my ipod and GPS and broke the passenger window of my 99 LS400. In their haste, the GPS power cord was wrapped around my rear view mirror, and it was taken as well. Not happy. Can someone help with compatibility with other model years rear view mirrors, so I can get a replacement for a reasonable cost from eBay? Many thanks PS is someone has an opinion on early year 430's, are there years that I should not consider...looking at 01-04's, would LOVE an Ultra...appreciate the advice from those who know much more than I. Best Rick