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  1. Has anyone experience starting problems (Chicago Area) (pushing the start button 2 to 3 times before it starts up) The dealer asked if i used CostCo gas, I did out one full tank in and thats when this problem started. The dealer said that Lexis put a hold on replacing the fuel injectors as of now. The service advisors said that the newer lexus models are having this problem but no service alert as of yet. -J
  2. I got my LS in march 07 drove it that winter, that was a mistake, I purchased the Bridgestone Blizzzaks and had them mounted on my stock rims and also purchase a 2nd set of tire pressure sensors from ebay ($100 for all four included shipping). Now every oct I will have the dealer switch the wheels. The bridgestone are very nice in winter as others have stated. JOE
  3. Thank you for the update on the brakes. I had my LS since march of 07, but now I just started to drive it everyday since a change in my work pattern. The brake noise is really a pain. Now I know it was me? JOE :D
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