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  1. I needed to buy shocks for my 2008 LS460. I was planning to install original Lexus struts. I was wandering if dealer was the only way to buy. I searched online, and wanted to know if anyone hand experience with OEM parts that are not from dealer. I ran in to a site OemlexusParts or is there anyother original Lexus parts site that anyone has experience with for buying quality Lexus parts.
  2. While using synthetic oil, how often (miles) do you change oil in a 2008 LS460?
  3. Has anyone used regular Oil on the LS460. is it recommended? How many quarts of oil does 2008 LS460 take?
  4. How the Michelin Pilot A/S plus all season tires for winter driving?
  5. Do you know of a good all season tire for LS 460 RWD to drive in Chciago winter. Dones anyone have a recommendation for one? The Turanza EL42 on the car are no good
  6. On the Lexus site there is a section on Mark Levinson system which shows the location of speakers.
  7. What are the recommended snow tires for LS460 RWD
  8. How are the Blizzak LM-22 for LS460 as snow tires? I checked the rating difference between LM-22 and LM-25, the only difference is the speed rating LM-22 is 101V and LM 25 is 97V. Has anyone used LM-22 or LM-25 and how has their experience been on this car? How does it handle in snow and how is the traction. Is it a good investment. Also, do I need new RIM or can I swap on existing RIM? if you can share your experience i would appreciate it.
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