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  1. Had stealer diagnose. I was told that the passenger's mirror motor had a short that kept blowing one of 2 inline 20 amp fuses. They quoted $850 to repair by replacing mirror for $650 plus labor. When I checked parts price Lexus diagram shows that motor is available separately and online dealer sells for $146 delivered. When I asked local dealer why entire mirror was being replaced he stated that this is the part that the technician said is needed to complete the job. When I pointed out that the motor is a separate item there was silence on the phone.After being on hold while he was checking with the tech he came back and said that they could replace motor for $250 parts plus $100 labor but that they couldn't guarantee that changing the motor alone would resolve the problem. When I asked how a plastic and metal enclosure, the mirror housing, would affect a motor short he had no answer. Disgusted I told him that we would pick up the vehicle. I called independent mechanic and he will replace motor for $40 unless he cracks mirror getting it apart. At least the dealer did not charge us the $106 diagnostic fee and we had a loaner while it was there. I also declined the $350 rear brake pad job instead buying oem pads and my guy will install saving me $$$.
  2. I called dealer to make service appointment. Bad sign that when I described problems there were vast periods of silence on the other end of the phone as the advisor tried to think of causes. It sure sounds like a wire problem. Battery never drains but various things don't work. There is no juice to any system with key off. Idiot lights are the least of my problems.
  3. Took to auto zone. Their code reader pulled steering wheel calibration needed code. With key off no power to clock, lights, headlights, etc. Key on side view mirrors have no power. Now sounding more electrical and error lights are a side effect, not cause of problem. Thoughts? All fuses good.
  4. Tried the above. No improvement. Anyone else have a suggestion?
  5. VGRS/VSC TRAC/VSC off lights are on. No codes. What do I do? 2006 LX 470. My wife was driving and all three lights came on. I attached code reader and there were no error codes. Tried sending clear codes command anyway. Vehicle is acting strange. Remote door locks won't work, can't lock all doors with key, AC doesn't keep settings after engine is off. No problems starting the vehicle. Does anyone know what would cause this? What do I need to do? I want to avoid dealer but I would feel better if I had a clue as to what is going on before having it looked at by mechanic. Is it safe to drive?
  6. I have had the Michelins but I love my Goodyear Triple Tread. They outperform the Michelins in all respects. Take a look at www.tirerack.com and read the reviews.
  7. I've always wondered how loud the supercharger is in the LX470? Does it significantly affect the Lexus isolation from outside noise?
  8. I understand your frustration. I remember checking a Lexus link a few years ago that gave a state by state list of what was updated in their databases. My area had no changes so I skipped the update disk. Bought a Garmin Nuvi recently and it smokes my Lexus GPS.
  9. I ordered a mightyvac to change oil on another engine and I decided to start changing my Lexus' oil. I looked under the hood but I can't find the oil filter. Where is it located and how do you get access? What size top cap wrench does the oil filter require? Thanks for helping a neophyte, Dave
  10. I'm coming up on 90k and I've searched for all the posts. Beside changing the water pump and replacing the belt tensioners and idle bearings what tips do you pros have for me? I plan to have the local Toyota dealer perform the service and I want to make sure that we get it right. Thanks, Dave