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  1. Hi everybody, just found out, that this solution is not a IS specific possibility :) . The iPod interface can be used for the following Lexus models: Lexus GS 300/400/430/450H 01-06 (all) Lexus ES 300/330/350 04-07 (all except Single CD) Lexus GX 470 03-06 (without Navigation) Lexus SC 430 05-06 (all) Lexus IS 300/250/350 01-06 (all) The LOC UK board, where I've posted this topic first, contains right now a massiv thread with over 100 replies regarding this solution. If you are interested please refer to the following link Ipod Control Solution For Oem Stereo Cheers Sonnet
  2. Hi everybody, today I want to share a solution for another annoying problem with my Lexus IS MK 1 The motion lock of the OEM satnav! After surfing for nights and nights thru various lexus enthusiast boards I found a possible solution. Most of you know probably all the videos from people who where already able to override this dammed motion lock which prevent you from typing in address in your satnav while driving. The problem with these solutions were all the time, that they were done in the RX, LS or GS on a satnav wit a touchscreen. For that reason it was not possible to use it in an IS WITHOUT a touch screen. Then I found something different, which is so easy that EVERYBODY can activate this solution on his Lexus IS MK 1 OEM satnav and it’s working on my german IS 300 Sportcross from 2003. Mates that's so cooool Waiting for IS MK 1 driver has reached the end The good news are, that this solution: - is for free - can be activated in under 15 seconds - does not need to modify you car electric - does not need to cut wires - does not cut the speedometer signal The bad news are (there are always at least one): - The hidden override function can only be activated while the car is not in motion (but it stays activated until you switch off the ignition) - It's a tem solution, it has to be activated every time after the car has startet (ignition switch to on) But activation is so easy, that you got it quickly in your mind…. Once activated ist doesn't matter if you start or stop your navigation system untill you switch of the ignition. Then it has to be activated again (as said befor it can be done in at least 15 seconds) OK how does it work right now? The trick is that there is a secret menu in the OEM satnav which is only used for maintenance. In this usually hidden menu you can activate the “Override” function and then……yes then you can drive & put in your destination at the same time. The activate this menu just follow the below standing stepps (car has to be NOT in motion) 1. Press the "MENU" button 2. Select and press the "DVD" or “CD” icon on the right hand side at very top of the screen You should see the ver. of software you are currently using. Do the following things with the youstick (no beeps will be heart) 3. Press the "UP" arrow on the joystick once 4. Press the "DOWN" arrow on the joystick once 5. Press the "UP" arrow on the joystick once 6. Press the "DOWN" arrow on the joystick once 7. Press the "RIGHT" arrow on the joystick once You should now see the "secret" menu 8. Press and Hold the "OVERRIDE" until the icon turns green. 9. Press the "BACK" icon on the right hand side at very top of the screen 10. Press the “MAP” button to go back to the regular navigation mode You may now enjoy driving & inputting your destination at the same time! IMPORTANT: Please do NOT use any other function in the secret menu beside “Override” In other boards people who have tested around complain about that the whole system has switched to Japanese after pressing other options on the screen. The Lexus dealer was able to reset the system – unfortunately not for free! So enjoy your 100% usable IS satnav like me and have fun Best regards from Berlin Sonnet
  3. Hi, first of all thank you very much for this fantastic board! I’m really impressed about the discussions and the solution I saw over the last few years. But there is one question left which was not really answered for me so far. Is it possible to connect an iPOD directly on the OEM stereo, without opening and modifying the radio? And is it possible to control the iPOD over the stock headunit buttons, while the POD is remaining in the glove box? Since last week I can say: It is possible, the sound is great, the control works perfect and the iPOD charge while connected!!!! There is a little company in Las Vegas called Grom Audio. They produce like Dension (ice link) AUX and iPod adapter for OEM stereos. You can imagine that couldn’t believe my eyes when I was checking the compatibility list and found the IS300 from 1999 – 2005 on it. Basicly they say Most Lexus models between 99 and 2005. I knew from former searches to find a possibility to connext external sound sources to the stock headunit that only one harness of the backside of the radio was equiped with a plug. The relevant 12 line harness where GromAudio wants to connect their interface were empty. So it was easy to plug the grom adapter inside and it just works!!! So connection is possible :D Let have a look to the features: ------------ Toyota / Scion / Lexus GROM for iPod interface(GROM-IPOD-TOY) -Original harness to connect to iPod (dock in cable) -Original harness to connect to the back of the stereo -Direct connection to the car stereo. CD quality sound -Full control from car stereo or steering wheel -Charge iPod while operating -Most Toyotas, Lexus and Scions supported (year 98+) -In-dash 6-CD will remain working ! It provides direct audio interface to a car stereo via the CD changer port. GROM Audio interface insures CD quality sound from iPod to car stereo speakers. It allow to "fool" your stereo into thinking that fully featured CD changer is plugged in. This way you can have thousands of tracks divided into playlists or full shuffle mode if you wish. Endless amount of music ! - Direct connection from iPod to car stereo provides CD quality sound - GROM Audio translates button presses from your car stereo or steering wheel to the particular command iPod can understand - Enables easy integration into the car system. Place it anywhere, control from the car stereo - Charges iPod while connected ----------------------------------------- Main distributor for the grom audio adapter is where you can order the iPOD interface (Toyota / Scion / Lexus GROM for iPod interface(GROM-IPOD-TOY) for just $ 79. The product details are as follow: Direct audio connection will ensure the best sound quality non compromised by FM transmitter or cassette adapter. Just plug the adapter into the back of your stereo (or in the trunk), connect it to your iPod and enjoy crystal clear sound and full control ! Ultimate iPod integration solution will provide the following features: - Integrate your iPod into car audio system easily - Get CD quality sound from the iPod through existing car stereo - Control and operate your iPod with car stereo buttons or steering wheel controls - Convert iPod into virtual CD changer - Disk 1 allow to control iPod from its clicking wheel. Select your music from iPod and have it played. Stereo will control iPod - Disk 2-6 mapped to playlists you create on iPod. Full control from car stereo. The following information is displayed: Disk #, Track #, time etc - MIX, REPEAT work as usual - SCAN allow to skip +-10 tracks for faster navigation - Playlist positions are preserved for fast operation - Shuffle songs, switch between tracks, playlists and adjust volume - all by using head unit controls - Have your iPod charged ---------------------------------------------- My package was delivered (to Europe) about one week after ordering. For $79,99 the package contents: Car stereo adapter in plastic enclosure OEM compatible harness to connect to the back of the car stereo iPod dock in cable Installation manual I installed it in just one hour due to the OEM compatible harness and it just works!!!!! The OEM stereo knows right now the following things: FM button -> regular Radio Tape button -> Tape Disk button (first time pressing) -> internal CD-Changer (on the left side of the display you will see then “CD”) Disk button (second time pressing) -> external CD-Changer -> Grom Audio iPOD interface (on the left side of the display you will see then “CD1”) If no Disc is in the internal CD changer you only need to press ONE time on the disc buton to switch from FM or tape to your iPod or other external sound source. Even if your internal CD changer has an ERR3 fault it should run because the solution activate the EXTERNAL CD Changer control. For the electronic it's not relevant if the internal cd changer works properly or not. iPod in use One special thing is maybe interesting for people who are planning to buy an iPOD but do not own one so far. They can also order the IPOD interface from Grom Audio and and add an extra cable called (AUX RCA cable + 3.5 mm phone jack (Cable-AUX-C)) for only $4.99 This cable can be plugged into the iPOD interface box – instead of the iPod dock in cable – and allows you to listen to music from your regular mp3 player (without control from OEM stero for sure). OK, let me show you some photos: GromAudio Interface iPod side Car specific plug 'n play cable relevant harnes on Lexus OEM stereo (marked) Beside of the photos you can find the harness compatibility list. Harness compatibility chart After I found out that the Grom box was working fine the next challenge was to find a place were I can store it. After searching an testing a little bit I remounted the OEM stereo, lifted a little bit up and stored the box in the empty room on the right hand side inside of the middle console. The place is perfect because it's close to the glove box where the player is stored and you can grab from the passenger side behind the middle console and change the iPOD cable against the regular AUX one if needed. Another thing is that if your using the interface in the simple mode (disk 1) – in advanced mode you can surf with your stereo thru the play lists 1-8 - you can select manually on your iPOD every other play list over #8 for example play list 18 and navigate then with your stereo controls (track back and forwards) thru the tracks. I hope this helps you to get mp3 in you car without loosing the original design inside of the car. If you have further questions, please ask. The best – even it’s more iPOD nano 3. Generation specific - at the end. I’m an absolute electronic music fan. Due to this reason it was always a pain to listen to gapless mixed electronic sampler in mp3, because you hear a short break after each track (file). Right now with my new nano gapless play is POSSIBLE So electronic beats, gapless played for hours in my Lex with full control over the stock headunit with a nonvisible iPod……could it be better? Best Regards from Berlin – Germany Sonnet P.S. My Car has a 9 speaker Stereo with satnav and nav works with this solution a usual :-)) When beeing in iPod mode with satnav running, the driver side speaker fades out the music from time to time, so that you can hear the voice of the navigation lady as usual. After the orders were given the speaker switches back to the iPod music. Wonderful!!! It works like factory build!!!