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  1. Anybody found a source of good quality floor mats for a 2005 SC-430 model that FIT? Thanks!
  2. All my CD's are burned that I have in my changer........never had a problem whatsoever. Use quality CD's & you should be good. B) Thanks. We keep having errors on disks 3-6, and the dealer told us that it is because the player will only accept original CDs. Even the Lexus customer service site said the same, but there is no such warning in any of the operating manuals, and it just seems wrong. Our car may have been used as a demo and we suspect foul play. First new car in over 20 years...... Thanks again.
  3. I have a new 2005 Lexus SC430, with factory installed 6-CD player. Is there a risk in using quality CDs burned on my pc with the Nero software?
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