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  1. I too had to use the spacer and special lugs on my LS400. When all of the steps had been completed, it was then I learned the difference between lug centric and hub centric wheels. The aftermarket wheels were lug centric and I always felt like I had at least 1 or more wheels out of balance. I know the balance was accurate, I just couldn't seem to get the wheel exactly centered on the lugs. Do you have this problem?
  2. Silvermate, I do not recommend them for the LS400. You will find incredibly short tread life, too much road shock, and they are not particularly quiet. <_< Sticky though.
  3. I have a '98 LS400 and mounted 17" aftermarket wheels on the car. I selected wheels with a front wheel drive offset (catalog actually categorized these as wheels that would specifically fit a '98 LS400). When the wheels arrived, that's when the trouble began. I had to get spacers for the front wheels to clear the calipers. I also learned the difference between lug centric and hub centric wheels. The new wheels, are lug centric - the factory wheels are hub centric. No matter how I tried, I could not center the lug centric wheels on the car. For after market, do yourself a favor and mount only h
  4. You can find those wheels and other OEMs for the LS 400/430 at the following web site: AAARIMS
  5. Yes, I would consider selling my 1998 wheels if I could locate the '04 LS 430 17" 5 spoke wheels, and I knew that there wasn't a compatibility problem fitting them to my car.
  6. Can anyone lead me to a source for the new LS 430 17" 5 spoke wheels? Would they fit on my 1998 LS 400?
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