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  1. How Many Miles Does Your Lexus Have?

    Waldo here. Original 1992 SC 400 now have 192,000 miles on it. Car still runs great only minor problems but now transmission slipping. Any ideas?
  2. Sc400 Parts Available. Any Part You Need

  3. Guage Cluster Swap...

    You might save yourself some time, money, and agony muckin' about swapping out an unknown cluster when there is a great source for new needles and backlighting for the Lexus dash cluster gauges. Check out Lextech Lighting. Pick your choice of needle colors, backlighting colors, etc. I've used the same guys twice now in 12 years. Needle set runs about $100 and backlighting around $30. You pull out the cluster and send it to them. Turnatound time is about 5 days. AND, you don't have to dis-assemble the cluster. Cluster will be better than new because they replace with LEDs that are bright and last "forever". Worth checking out before you find yourself knee deep in wires and needing a big shoehorn to get the foreign cluster into a very small, tightly designed space. http://www.lextech.org/osCommerce/ Best of luck GREAT FIND! I'LL CONTACT THEM. THANK YOU WALDOBIRD
  4. Cluster Needles/found Simple Solution

    I would greatly appreciate instructions for removal. I have same problem '92 SC400. Many Thanks waldobird
  5. Dash Lights Going Out

    Dash lights going out. Speedneedle invisible. How replace?
  6. Radio Died

    i got an err on the display the cd changer was making the sound lilie itwastrying to load a cd bout all i get was ERR PLUS the radio is a single unit with a tape player and thecd changer is a 12disk in the trunk on top of the amp. Replace the 12 disc with a 6 disc, Plug and play.If you want one let me know. How do replace a 12 disc CD with a 6 disc Plug and Play?? Waldobird