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  1. My needles are out as well and its a pain to see at night..your idea is VERY good..never thought of that! i would like to change my lights in mine and make them blue...if you got any instuctions or the pictures showing how to take the dash apart to access that that would be GREAT im about afraid to even mess with it but it doesnt sound that bad to take apart..Thanks! here are some photo with and without smokey shield, I have found out that it works best during the daytime, I can see the needles, night little better, daytime lots better. instructions: extend steering wheel all the way out, remove 2 screws in top of outer shield, ones with little covers on them. Grab hold of whole cover along the bottom portion each side where your dash light and od/clock etc area, give good upward and out at once pull. They are just snap clips at bottom of whole cluster. Pull dash forward and disconnect your plugs on each side. You will have 5 or 6 screws running the top of dash and 3 on bottom, far right, middle and far left. This will remove smokey shield. Nothing tough at all, once you do it, it will take no more 5 mins to remove again, real quick after you learn how it is put together. If you use the Fotolum vinyl, cut thin strips, tried larger, they were too heavy for needles. Hope this helps, just very inexpensive way to fix problem, not like the lighted needles, but for the cost, lots better.
  2. 93 SC, found simple solution for the cluster needle lights going out. Used industrial grade photo luminescent vinyl, glow in the dark vinyl. Took dash apart in about 20 mins, easy removal, whole job about 40 mins, cut small strips of the vinyl and attached to needles with the 3M double backed adhesive. Works great, awaiting night time to see how well it does glow. It is high yellow in color so it makes seeing the needles during the day a lot better too. If anyone wants instructions on taking out dash cluster and photos or what it looks like just contact me. Be sure clean off backside of clear cover as it get really dusty on backside, well not clear but smokey. That company site is
  3. I have a 98 GS400, 90M plus miles, just took a trip, 2,600 miles and recorded an average of 25.6 mpg combined. Air running the whole way, through north eastern cities and mountains. The last 969.4 miles, all hwy, I averaged 29.0 mpgs. But on an average, I keep all gas receipts and record miles driven, it looks to be in the range of 26 - 29 mpgs, seen nothing less than 25 mpgs range yet, usually when I am getting into it a lot. Of course this all depends upon filling tank exactly or close too each time.
  4. Hi everyone, I purchase a used 98 GS400, excellent marriage of performance and handling. I was wondering if anyone can suggest performance upgrades and handling upgrade. Thank in advance for any suggestions. Best regards
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