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  1. I ordered some stuff from them and only received one of the two different items. I emailed them with no responses and tryed to call the contact number and it rings then gos to a modem sound. Does anyone have a good number or any info. All help would be great. thanks anthony
  2. So do you have a link on to were i could find a set?
  3. IM going to order the joez intake but is the blitz or k and n filter the better choice? thaNKS
  4. Like it says if I were to piece a kit together the right way the first time what all do I need? Only want to push 5-8 pounds with the option of 15 or so. Let the list begin.
  5. I was looking around and found dyno results for the joez intake and blitz filter at 7 hp gain. I also found the rod millen sport intake that sas that it produces 17 more hp. But they dont have a dyno sheet proving it. Has anyone used or have the rod millen intake or a link to dyno results?
  6. OK Ive looked at alot of intakes and it seams that the only one that actually connects to the stock will say ram air spot on top of the radiator is the srt kit. Is there another kit that does the same? I just think that even though the k and n one is next to it that it would still be better to be getting the air forced in through a tube than comeing in and getting sucked in all around it. Any input?? thanks
  7. so then turbo is probubly the way to go now are my options just the 4000 5000 kits or piece it together and risk iss match parts. I would only want to boost 5 to 8 pounds or so
  8. i saw a grill somewere i cant remember that was just the inner part of the grill looked just like the stock one but no emblem and it didnt have the outer plastic. anyone use that or know if the stock one just pops apart like that?
  9. Ok this is for anyone that has lowered there car. I want to know basd on what you tell me about your set-up how your ride changed.(more bumpy, less bumpy, smooth, not smooth and so on) thanks
  10. ok I know alot and alittle on this subject so input will help me out. My is is my daily driver so I want to keep it that way but increase the power without going crazy. SO does anyone know of kits, websites and whatever other info I need,prices etc. again thanks anthony
  11. your is doesnt show you outside temp on the center console above the cd player?
  12. Ok im ok with the stock grill but not a big fan of emblems and such whats my options that arnt a *BLEEP* load of money. like Im not going to buy the original front grill thats 200-400 dollers help on links to places and suggestions. Also looking for a rear spoiler but dont really want something thats cheap so is the only option ones like on lextacy that are 300+? thanks anthony
  13. well it took me forever but im good to go now thanks for the help
  14. keeping the stock radio speakers amp and such. Just adding in a perifial speaker to rca convertor so that I can add an aftermarket amp and sub. Power wire is ran rcas are ran remote is ran. Amp turns on fine. Just not getting any type of even desent sound quality out of the sub. Hooked it up two different ways once off of the bigger plugs stock amp and once off the smaller plug of the amp.
  15. so ive wired it up two diferent ways now first time it worked but it was very week second time alot better than before but even with volume turned down down bass was still going but it was still week compared to other car. So theres two plugs in my factory amp small and a big plug. I should be tapping into the bigger plugg right? And if so I should tap into the rear woofer wires instead of the speaker because the amp is just going to be powering lows? and if you have any other words of advice hit me with it. this has been the hardest car to hook up a couple wires.
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