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  1. Hi Everyone, The local dealer here has a 1999 LS400 with 17,000 miles going for $15,995 USD. I would like your opinion on what the fair price is. Also, for car driven that little with super low mileage, what should I be watch out for? Thanks in advance for your opinion and suggestions. PS. I have a 1991 LS400 with 124k miles absolutely love it. Mikey
  2. Hi everyone, Thanks for all the inputs and suggestions..I picked up 4 wheels + 60/R16 tires from 2001 LS430 on ebay for $300. RIMS are very good/clean and tires are almost brandnew. So far so rubbing over speedbumps. My 91 LS400 looks good now w/o the old 15" OEM RIMs. Will replace to 55/16 tires when needed.
  3. Hi, thanks for everyone inputs..I replaced the wipers with new Bosch ones picked up from AUTO Advantage and problem solved.
  4. Hello gha_vn and everyone, Thanks for all the replies.. these are great inputs. Do your 225/60/16 tires keep touching the body most of the time in normal driving? or just the speed bumps? How serious are they? I am thinking of purchasing for my 91 LS400 a set of used LS430 RIMS that came with the 225/60/16 tires that have plenty of thread in them. I really don't want to replace these tires to 225/55/16 perhaps for another year when thread are worned. Will it be okay for using the 225/60/16 for a while or using these tires will cause harzadous when driving? Thanks for all your help and i
  5. I need the engine under cover panel if you have it. Also are your wheels in good shape? email me pls. Thanks
  6. No. 15" tyres will not fit on 16" wheels. -B- Thanks Beowulf. I guess I keep the old wheels until replacing the tires since my Mich tires are will good.
  7. Oh yeah...I did not notice you are in BC. Well, I guess I am stuck with my old wheels until,,,, Thanks for the prompt response,
  8. gha - what size tires are you using on those 16" rims? dont remember for sure but they are exactly the specs of OEM '93. will check it for you Sorry, I don't know much about tires so my question is can I re-use my current tires (205/65R15) on the new 16" wheels? The current tires is Michellin and has plenty of thread remaining and I hate to throw them away. Thanks all for suggestions.
  9. SRK, How much do you want for the 4 wheels? I have a 91 LS400 and was going to upgrade to 16" wheels since my original 15" wheels are worned out. Thanks
  10. OmarG, Great comparison. I just installed Silverstar on my 91 LS400. My question is what did you use for the Park/Corner Light that looks great? Mine is the OEM bulb that does not look as bright and really out-of-place with the Silverstar. Thanks for any suggestion.
  11. Hi, I am thinking of replacing my 91 LS400 wheels with the 16" wheels from a 94 LS400. Any problem I should be aware of? Like speedometer and driveability with the new 16" wheel? Will this work without having to by new tires for the 16" wheel? Thanks
  12. Shame that all that once-useful technology is so outdated and obsolete now. But that extra space in the center console sure is nice! New2Mud, Agree completely. Now it would be great to get the wiring diagram so hopefull I can modify since I am going to install my Bluetooth car kit and nice to be able to use the audio port near the steering wheel and the stereo speaker... :=). Sound tempting.
  13. Hi, I just got my '91 LS400 3 weeks ago. I have replaced the OEM headlight with Silvertar headlight and they look great. However, I want to replace the OEM parking light so it has similar 'whiteness' of the Silverstar. Is there any 'whiter' parking light I can use the replace the ugly OEM? Thanks.
  14. Hi, I went out to circuit city and bought 4 Polk 501 2-way speakers then replaced the stock speakers on my 91 LS400. On the Polk 501, 2 holes lined up pretty well but the other 2 holes I had to enlarged them in order to mount the speaker with the existing holes in the housing. Overall, the sound quality is pretty good. Thanks
  15. I located it this past weekend and did what you suggested and now the phone is completely off. Thanks for your help.
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