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  1. Rear crossmember is rusted to the point that I think only 2 out of 4 bolts are holding it in place. Car has around 210k on it (not driven much over last few years and was seating outside). Does not look great, but... overall ok mechanically. Should I fix it?
  2. To add my 0.02. Highest quality Napa disks (gold ?) should be good choice. I used them for ES300 and Cadillac and my mechanic was impressed with the quality of machining. Not the cheapest but reasonably priced. Choice of pads - ceramic or regular is more driven by a choice of driving. I personally did not feel much of a difference with ceramic ones. Akebono bought from Tirerack had a bit of play in Toyota front calipers. Not a safety issue, but duly noted by my mechanic. So I would suggest buying pads from Lexus or Toyota (if Toyota fit per comments above)
  3. Done. Left the driver side window not working. This is a good lesson - even though the body is the same between 97 and 99 - wiring harness was changed in 08/98 and the door innards are not 100% compatible. Overall this is reasonable job even for somebody who never done this before. Once you get the inner pannel out - get the speaker out, disconnect all connectors, remove the clips attaching harness to the door, the only connector that is a pain is at the very "back" of the door - need to get you hand inside of the door, squezze on connector and pull it out. I disconnected the door stop,
  4. Does anybody have wiring diagram for left front (driver side) power window motor for 99 ES300? This is one of the differences in wire harnesses and I am using old wire harness from 97 ES300. The connector to power window motor (I assume that this is the motor) has more wires in 99 ES300. Mine only has two. Swapping them seems like a royal pain. Or am I missing something and it is easy. Still plenty of time to do this if I can find good instructions.
  5. Thank you for information. I found the door of the same color from ES300 99 (mine is 97). I know it will not be perfect color match anyway, but should be ok for now. The new door seems to be in good condition. Unfortunately, the wire harness is cutoff so I will need to use my original harness. I took the new door apart and after some fiddling was able to get the wire harness out. This was my test run - if I can not do this - no need to take my working door apart. But... it seems like Toyota changed the wire harnesses in August of 98. 97 wire harness is part# 82152-33700 the one in my
  6. Hit and run accident - and drivers side front door is not looking good anymore (even though everything works). Should I try to replace the door myself (found one which should be the same color from 99 ES300)? Or let body shop deal with this? I have high deductable so insurance paid only $100. I am not mechanic, but took inside of the doors apart in my landcruiser to replace speakers. According to Haynes id does not look too bad. Main gotcha as I see it is to whether I want to replace the lock or deal with two sets of keys. Does anybody have experience with this? Thoughts on the best a
  7. Hello, I am having problems with the in-dash cd player in new to me 2007 GX 470. How hard is it to replace the unit? Does anybody have instruction? Are there other sources than the dealership for a replacement unit? Good ways to clean the unit? Thanks for your feedback!
  8. Is there a way to get a new master key without going to a dealer? I just bought new to me GX 470 and have one black key with remote control buttons (I assume this is the master key) and one grey key. Based on what I know about Landcruisers - if you loose both master keys - you are looking for a $1000 bill as additional electronics need to be replaced. No reason to take this chance. What should I do?
  9. I got 97 ES300, 184K. Was in NYC and after picking up the car from the garage - I hear clunking noise as I drive. Stop - and push on all four corners - not problem. Look under - the heat shield ( I believe this is what it is - pucture is attached) is barely hanging there. I raised the car and took the heat shield off. Did not want to take any chances of it falling down and hurting somebody driving behind me. The question is - do I really need this part? Cheers, Alex
  10. Do you still have FSM? Would you part with it? I have FSM for my Land Cruiser and have to say - it is very easy to follow - much better than FSM for my Cadillac. So what would you suggest for routine service based on current mileage? Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.
  11. 97 ES300 - brake light indicator was going on in the morning. No brake fading or any other symptoms. Was perfect on the way home (it is still warm outside!). Opened the hood and it looked like brake fluid is a bit on the low side (when the indicator lit up). Added a little bit of brake fluid (cleaned the cap first, used a funnel). The problem disappears. Based on my understanding - this should point to brake pads being worn out. Odd thing is - I looked at the outer brake pads - and they look decent. The car was at the dealership 6 weeks ago to get a sticker and they did not metion any
  12. Got ES300 97, 175K on it. Runs well, driven (mostly) by wife. Had following service done (latest only is listed): transmission and differential fluid replaced at 110k coolant at 141k spark plugs - replaced with platinum - at 110K Do you, guys, think any service is needed? My thinking is that transmission/differential would be relevant, coolant - based on its condition, spark plugs - let go till 200K (90K interval) and replace together with the timing belt (done at 110K). Is transmission/differential fluid change something that can be done by a well qualified mechanic or should I leave
  13. My vote is Toyota dealer if you do not have trusted independent mechanic. Will be cheaper than Lexus and Toyota mechanic should know the car well - it is the same as Camry.
  14. if the rest of the pipe is in good shape - go to your local exhaust/muffler shop - independently owned is the best - and ask them to cut the bad piece out and weld in a piece of pipe as a replacement. Should cost under $100 cash based on where you live. Proper replacement by shop terms is likely to be in $500 range and it is not any better.
  15. Hello, I plan to look at 2002 LX470, 89K, should be in good shape. Timing belt was not changed, got bent antenna. What is fair price for the vehicle? Can I fix/replace antenna myself? (I am reasonably good but definitely not a pro). MSN Auto mentions that the electronics junction box could be a problem. Did anybody have this problem? What are the things/problem areas to look for? Is it worthwhile to get the car checked at the dealership (Toyota - $90, Lexus - $240)? Or am I better of spending more time with the car myself and relying on the paperwork? Thanks for you help! Alex
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