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  2. i posted a long reply...i dont see it so email me if it does not come up...
  3. Well back to that price thing....if you wana stay in the mid to upper price range you will put out around $300 to $500 for a good amp,sub,box and labor....mtx is good stuff they have a good 12" sub called the 6000 series with a mtx 4250d amp....with a pre fab box.....this should be will need an amp kit and a line out adaptor...tell the installer who works on your car to hook the line out adaptor to the factory sub under the passenger better that way....use atleast an 8 gauge amp should hold out on the dynamat until the sub is shops ma
  4. Go to your local autozone..they do it free of charge...
  5. bdpaull


    Anyone looking to add this remote start to your factory key in the dfw...just contact me and i"ll set you up for around $200-$250 installed.. thanks,Bryan
  6. rds should be the problem..........turn it off :chairshot:
  7. i have a 99 rx with a clicking on the passenger side dash....i have the air bag out so when it does it again i will find it and let ya"ll know..asap.... Bryan
  8. :D just wired my dei remote start to my factory keyless..when i press the panic button it activates the remote start, does not honk the horn and when your factory alarm goes off the horn will not honk.. but still flashes the lights for 60 seconds...pretty sweet total cost was about $175 i am putting together kits with complete instructions and pictures if needed... ...will work with any lexus with factory keyless w/panic.. email me with any questions.. Thanks,Bryan
  9. it will say nak sys on the front of your other words u would know if u had it... thanks,Bryan
  10. :chairshot: 7th speaker in under the pass seat.....their should be a setting on ur fm mod to change the primary station.....find id and change it...... thanks,Bryan
  11. Stop!!! bring ur rx to your local stereo shop to have your sub installed with amp------------you will need an amp to add your sub to factory sys + you will neeed an line out adp......cost u a lil more money but worth it...any ques please reply.....master cert.. installer :chairshot:
  12. It is more then likely your door lock can get a new one from your local car stereo shop for around $15 to $25 + $50 to 80 labor ........ thanks,Bryan
  13. check for head lights on ebay......i got mine like new for $49.99......i paid $25 each shipping but i feel i still got a great deal....... thanks,Bryan
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