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  1. Well, finally got my RX300 back to the dealer and they FINALLY found what the "clicking" noise is that is coming from the frontend. They are replacing both axles!! Wow, how ironic, while in Colorado last year on vacation I had my car into a dealer for service and they told me that both axles needed replacing but it would be fine to drive back home to Texas. I took the car in immediately to get the axles replaced and since last year the dealer in Houston has been telling me the axles where fine. Well I guess it must be pretty bad now because they are replacing them. Thanks to everyone who responded to my front end "clicking" noise. Hopefully this will help someone else if they have the same problem.
  2. Thank you to "Everyone" who has replied to my problem! I plan on getting the SUV back to Lexus ASAP and can now argue some good points. I finally feel like I have something to go in on. I promise to get back with everyone to let them know what happens and if it actually get fixed. JoDell
  3. I have taken my 2002 RX300 to the Dealer 3 times for a clicking noise eminating from the front wheels only when I turn. The clicking is on the left side when I turn right and on the right side when I turn left. Has anyone else had this problem? The dealer can't seem to figure it out! I bought this car brand new and have diligently maintained it. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME IDEA AS TO WHAT IT MIGHT BE!!!!
  4. :( I have been trying to find an upgrade for my GPS system other than going through the dealer. I would hope to find someplace that has it for a discounted price. I also need instructions on installation if possible. If anyone can help me I sure would appreciate it.
  5. Hi, :( I also have had a ticking noise! I hate any type of noises that are indicative of a possible problem and I seem to pick up on all of them! My 2002 RX300 was making a ticking noise for several months before I figured out what it was. I found that after the A/C fan speed was on low for awhile the noise would begin. Adjusting the fan speed to a different level other than low would get the noise to stop but that was unexceptable - it needed to be fixed. I took it in several times before I got them to pinpoint the problem. They told me there was something stuck down in the fan area that was making the noise. Don't know how true that is but the Dealer I use seems very honest and diligent in helping me with any problems I have had.