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  1. I need to get a trailer light wiring kit for my 2002 LS 430. I bought the hitch but am having trouble finding the kit to run the wiring from the car to the trailer lights. Am leaving for a weekend trip next week & need to find one fast!
  2. I'm looking for one too. ellismr@charter.net
  3. OK RFeldes, now that's funny! That's what this forum needs, a little more light hearted humor. I've got on rotten B of an ex myself. Never mind the wrong buttons, even after struggling to try and figure out the right buttons for 14 yrs I never was able to find the volume mute button on her either. Oh well, my LS 430 & my new wife/college sweetheart/one that got away the first time are both dreams!
  4. Does anyone know how to turn off the navigation voice command button? On my 2002 LS 430 it's on the streeing column, left side, behind the volume control buttons. It's driving me crazy because I keep hitting it when I go to use the volume control buttons.
  5. Just purchased a totally clean, dealer maintained 2002 LS430 w/ 76K on it. Car lived in Florida in winters & Cape Code MA in summers. Looking for a repair/maintenance shop that specializing in foreign cars, and really knows Lexus' to keep up with my scheduled maintenance. (Not inetersted in Lexus or Toyota Dealers) I live in Charlton, MA 01507. I work in Woburn, MA 01801. Can anyone recommend a shop? Thanks, NausetDog
  6. I'm going to install a towing hitch on my 2002 LS430 that has 76,000 miles on it to tow a 13' Boston Whaler. Will be used mostly for maybe six to eight 5- 30 mile round mile trips/year + maybe two - three 200 mile round trips/year. Do you think it's a good idea to install a transmission intercooler? My Lexus dealer doesn't install them. My Lexus has been 100% maintained w/ every single recommended service always done. I've also heard switching over to a 100% synthetic transmission oil is a good idea. Any other service tips? Thanks, NausetDog
  7. Hi 1990LS400, I tried to go the the UK link but can't get there. Want to install a trailer hitch on my 2002 LS430. Do you have any more info on what's avaialbe in the UK? Nauset Dog
  8. HI Titan, I just posted same question, looking for a hitch for my 2002 LS430. Have you installed your hitch yet? How does it work? Do you have any pictures of it installed?
  9. Has anyone installed a hitch on their LS430?
  10. Have searched every where on the internet for a trailer hitch for my 2002 LS 430. Only need a Class I hitch to tow a 13 ' Boston Whaler. Yeah I know, I shouldn't be towing my boat w/ my Lexus, but it's all I have! Best one I've found so far doesn't require any drilling and is made specifically for my car: http://www.trailerhitches.com/trailer-hitc...&key=CTM197 Thing I hate is having to see the thing all 7-8 months out of the year. Has anyone installed a hitch on thier LS430? Is there one out there that would be mostly hidden except for the toungue? Thanks, NausetDog ellismr@charter.net
  11. Maybe I didn't explain properly, or I misunderstand your fix. The mirrors themselves adjust just fine. The thing that's not working is the entire mirror housing itself isn't folding in when I push the switch on the dash to the left of the streeing wheel. They get hung up when set to automatic & I turn the key off, and also when I push the switch to manually fold them both in. Does your silicone spray fix solve this problem,? Does the spray have to get behind the mirrors so it gets into the retracting motor gears? Also I'm told that silicone breaks down rubber as opposed to using 303 Aerospace Protectant which I use on my rubber door, hood and trunk gaskets gaskets. http://www.303products.com/tech/index.cfm?...uct_ID=428spray I want to make sure I don't fix one problem & create another one!
  12. Hi Daffy, Thanks very much for the post. I read about using a bypass filter and was very intrigued. Do you have any idea how much it might be to get one installed in my LS 430 & where I might go to have one installed? Not sure if I want to go that route, I just sold my 96 LS 400 w/ 207K miles all driven on conventional 5/30 so I'm not sure it's worth the extra hassle & investment. By the way, my 96 LS 400 pearl white was a MUCH better looking car than my Gold 2002 LS 430......too bad Lexus bailed on a true classic design! I'm doing as much research as I can right now, and will be driving my LS 430 which has 76K miles on it now for at least the next 5 yrs and should end up w/ 260K - 300K on it by then if all goes well. My father in law buys a new Lexus every 5 yrs & he just bought an LS 460 which should be my next purchase.........NICE CAR!!!!!! Thanks, NausetDog
  13. Hi Clomicky, No I don't know what you mean by SM oil, but I'd appreciate any info you can provide. Thanks, NausetDog
  14. Hi All, Sorry for the dupliacte post, I forgot to turn on my reply email notification! My 2002 Lexus left/drivers side mirror isn't folding inwards properly when I have set on auto and turn the car off. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it only partially folds in. Is this something I can fix myself? Thanks, NausetDog ellismr@charter.net
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