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  1. According to Lex 2001 gs430 svc. man. it dry fill is 9.4qts but drain and refill is 1.9qts. I want to change the ATF fluid, as I'm doing a 60K miles maintenance. What is the sense if only draining 2 of 9 qts? What is correct way to REPLACE fluid? TIA....
  2. I get 20 around town and 25 hwy. 70-80mph speeds..
  3. Hi, I'm going to replace my front brake pads and the tech manual indicates the shims must also be replaced? The shim kit costs as much as the brake pads, $45! The car has 61K miles. I'm not sure if breaks were ever replaced, I bought car with 31K. TIA
  4. All I just got the day subscribtion to TIS to download Service Manual in PDF format. I had read on the forums someones recommendation stating that they had downloaded complete manuals in an hour or so. I see hundreds of PDF files. It will take hours, if not days to downloard files one at a time. Is there and easier way to download/consolidate/print ? TIA
  5. ← I love mine...Can record data, print out data, more stuff then I need. ← Wow, $790 seems steep. I was thinking about the PC version autotap or AutoEnginuity for around $200, but don't know if i'll use all it's features. Then again i don't even know waht feature to use. If I go with the $50-100 one, which brand? TIA All!
  6. does the factory service manual have what the codes mean and what the fixes are? If so which one, i understand that there are 2 manuals. Also, where is the OBD connector to attach scanner?
  7. Folks, I considering buying a scanner. I'd like to get some guidance/opinions. Which brand to get? What about the type that is windows based (seem to cost twice as much but has nice features? Also, where is the connection to attach the scanner on a 2001 gs430? TIA
  8. Hi I need to clean a few small spots by the sunvisor on the interior headliner that is a velour type interior. What is the best way to clean it? From a search i did these two products were recommended.: (303 TM Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner) Autoglym Car Interior Shampoo What do you recommend and how to clean local spots only, not entire headliner. TIA cpr_carpenter
  9. cyaltr, How much do you hwy gas mileage go up? I get around 25mpg here in north florida. What do u get before and after? thx
  10. HRP, That a great suggestion, however I've already decided on using Klasse AIO & Klasse sealant (bought it already). However, you are right about love bugs here in FL. I will ask about what preventive measures to take for these pesky bus...thx
  11. Febreze it is! If that doesn't work, to the laundry room they'll go...thx
  12. From the posts I've been reading carnauba seems to be prefer for darker colors for its depth. What is recommended for metalic white? (GS430 '01, don't know the acual paint color). Synthetic, I tend to prefer longer lasting? I plan on claying, using a prewax cleaner (which brand?), then waxing, again which brand? The paint is in pretty good condition. This is an awesome Forum..... TIA Hugo
  13. A glass of milk :chairshot: (don't ask how) on the removable floor mat. I immediately hosed down with water. Let hang out in the sun, because I didn't have time at that moment to clean it. The next day I got 3M carpet aerosol spray cleaner. I foamed it down then, scrubbed with a upholstery brush, hosed it down with water again, then usetd a wetvac to get excess water out. Then hung in sun again to dry. After it dryed, I put it back. Came back acouple of hours later and it smells like a wet puppy. What do I do now?? Need something fast that can be bought locally. Help!
  14. thanks Steve. No scratches when rubbed on CD! Great tip. Skperformace, they are solid yellow......
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