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  1. what happened to page won't come up any more? know of any more sites? also tring to find a company that makes a supercharger.
  2. has anyone seen an sc400 r/c car or model plastic or metal if so where?
  3. has anyone heard why import toys is not responding to emails or taking any more orders?i need some of their carbon fiber interior parts but cant get any prices.does any one know of another source?
  4. i think it was here that a saw a link to a guy that had carbon fiber replacement pieces for the wood grain in the dash and doors . any ideas?
  5. looking for members in my area to share ideas with and maybe get a group together to go to shows with. my mods are 18x8 falken torque 5 chrome wheels,sealed eribunni kit , relocated attenna like the is300 and quad exhast for now but more to come.
  6. i am restoring a 92 sc 400 need clear tail lights are there any avalible?
  7. i have a set of factory sc400 wheels and tires but they are not the chrome plated version though.
  8. is any one aware of a turbo charger for the 92 sc400?
  9. is there a company that makes clear tail lights for sc400?
  10. what would you guys suggest as far as the sub in the back deck to replace the factory sub?
  11. well sadistic i saw an aluminum set on ebay for 90.00 but not sure what it looked like, the picture was very poor quality. i like the wood grain but i want to be a little different. after all i picked up the car for 500.00 saving it from the crusher. i plan to put about 10000.00 in the car before spring so if you have any ideas i welcome them.
  12. are there any options out there other than the wood grain trim for the 92 sc400?
  13. i just purchased a 92 sc400 for 500.00 with blown motor. have found donor engine for 550.00 and would like to upgrade exhaust with something with a little more throaty sound what route should i take?
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