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  1. Hey guys friend of mine is working on my LS400, I have really rough idle which seems to be a common issue here and stalling while driving has happened twice, no acceleration at idle, and problems are getting worse over time. However with the fuel pump relay at 12V things are working fine, changed the fuel pump relay resistor based on another tip here of someone with the same issues, that didn't solve the problem. Any other ideas? Don't want to do the fix and replace, could it still be the fuel pump even though it works at 12V?
  2. I have the same problem, 92 LS400 idles rough, it died while actually driving once, found out it's the fuel pump relay resistor. Works fine maxed out but can't find the resistor to replace it. http://www.clublexus.com/forums/maintenance/229393-ls-400-stalling-problem-solved.html
  3. A friend of mine is working on my LS400, the car was stalling while idle and also completely died while driving, he set the fuel pump relay to run at it's highest and the car is smooth now, he found the fuel pump relay fine but he can't fine the fuel pump resistor that controls the pressure. I've googled all over, nothing, I also don't see a Haynes or Chilton manual for this car, do they not exist?
  4. Clean up the battery connectors with a wire brush and be sure bolt torqued down well. Replace rusty bolts with new. Loose connections won't allow the 200-300 AMPs a starter motor will draw. Other things working but they are a very light draw on battery compared to starter motor. Yeah, the positive female terminal is completely corroded on the battery. Might have to be replaced but that's a hell of a lot better than the starter if it is it! Thanks man for the tips will get some new bolts too.
  5. I'm guessing very likely I activated the anti-theft. At least I hope that's just that. Any thoughts on how to disable?
  6. Update: Disregard title, it will click. My female positive terminal is completely corroded on a 1992 LS400 so much so that also me being new to working on my car grinded into the positive pole of my male battery. Also if it's not in the right position it won't turn on or get power. Right now though I can turn on my brights, radio, and A/C and still just get one click.
  7. Replace the hose...it runs at a super high pressure. That is my 2 cents. Thanks for the advice. Yeah looks like it's $150 around TX unfortunately, the tech said that as well but just checking.
  8. Hey guys I need some advice. I had my LS400 1992 worked on for the A/C in another town and the guy said there's a leak in the hose, specifically the high side hose from compressor to condensor that was leaking freon, does anyone know if this is patchable, how much this should cost to fix or if this sounds legit? Thanks.
  9. So I've gone through a few speaker sets mistakenly that aren't quite up to par with my previous speakers. I changed out my receiver and can't get my sub working so I'm in need of bass. I loved the old ones but one of them was distorted and broken. Is there anything comparable on the market? They're dual cone right? Anything that matches them in range or any official specs on them? Would love it, thanks man!
  10. Or to add to this, which wire on the original car stereo wiring is the ground wire for the amplifier for the subwoofer?
  11. Hi thanks man for your instructions. I'm also trying to do this on my LS 400 1992. I'm trying to figure out though which wires from the original car stereo relate directly to subwoofer? I had one one of the pink and blue wires on there and the sub worked for a few seconds but then switched off. Came on and then turned off. Does something else need to be grounded.
  12. Hey guys, After reading the forum searching for answers it looks like the Michelin MXV4 are the tire to get for this but I was looking at some other options. I had Michelin's on my last car, a Camry XLE and I replaced them with Goodyear Tripletreds and overall liked the ride more and felt they had better wet traction. I'm trying to figure out the requirements for the 92 LS400, looks like I can't go with Tripletreds again because the rating might not be enough but the only thing I'm seeing as rated lower is the load rating and 99% of the time I'm driving alone. The Primacy is load rated at 94 and the TripleTred at 92. Would this be a problem? I've also looked at the BFGGoodRich, do I need the higher "V" speed rating? Again 75MPH is my normal speed on the highway and I almost never go above it, 80 tops. Any input would be appreciated, thanks!
  13. Never mind. Somehow I posted in the wrong forum. Please delete post.