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  1. GB on the DS or the L-Sportline, count me in. Anyone know where a DS web site is or aftermarket that carries them ? Thx.
  2. Hey folks, where do you find DS-Racing ? I'm looking at the L-Sportline that looks pretty close to this one. Just want to copare prices, etc. Anyone know a web-site or a phone number for DS-Racing ? Thanks for the help.
  3. I have a 98 GS300 and the digital miles have "jumped" before. Says I've gone 20 miles when I've only gone 4 or 5. Great for gas milage, bummer for resale !!
  4. Hey JDMPARTS GURU, I saw something on a group buy for L-sportline roof spoilers a few weeks back and have seen nothing on it since. Was that you who was arranging it ? If not, do you know who was ? Any help is appreciated. LuckenGS
  5. Honeymoon !? Uh oh. Might be the end of the mods for awhile.... Good thing you got it lookin' pretty trick before you said "I do" !
  6. Hey KVA, is it a secret or what ? Can you share some rim info with me. They look great and I'm wonder what they, how wide and what offset ? Anything would help and be appreciated. Thanks, LuckenGS
  7. Okay, I admit I'm new to the forums, but how did we go from de-badging a Lexus to someone having a garage or not ? What's that got to do with anything ?
  8. Hey KVA, what rims are you running on your GS ? Looks great. The first set my wife has liked. What size and offset ? Thanks.
  9. I do a lot of work with 3M, they have a double backed tape that should work fine for putting them back on. Make sure it is outdoor & waterproof. Use blue painters masking tape to run an alignment "line" to get them on straight. Put the blue tape (about a one foot piece) so you can stand back from a distance and see that it looks straight. Then double back the badge and "set" it on the tape line.
  10. The silver is the best looking, no doubt. That's whats fun about the cars. You get to do your own thing and only you have to like it.
  11. I de-bagged mine for three reasons. 1) The kids around here like to de-bagge them for you. They usually use a butter knife or screw driver. Not pretty. They totally hosed my neighbors Porsche. 2) Mine had the *BLEEP*ty looking "Gold Package" on it. Nothing makes a car look cheaper then to make the badges gold (my opinion). 3) No wax build up around the badges. I've been doing it for about 25 years now on all my cars, just the way I prefer it, Lexus to Honda, even My Chevy Tahoe. It looks much, much better with them gone I think. I have a 1998 GS300. All came off w/ no problem, no
  12. Removed all of them on the trunk and no holes, even under the "L"
  13. Hey SpeedyGS, talk to me about your rims. I'm interested. Doug.
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