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  1. Well it turns out the back cover of both front seats were flapping around, and coincidentialy it was both the bottom right corner So i managed to get one of them off, of course the wrong way, by pulling the top out....once i got that off i found out that there are screws(well suppose to be plural) on the bottom that hold the bottom on If you have this problem dont take out the last screw. Its a pain to get on your self, trying to hold it up and trying to screw in a tiny screw completely blind. Well here are the pictures i took to help any of you out if you ever run into this problem. Th
  2. just wanted to thank everyone for your help. It fits perfect with the tray it comes with. Only problem is, i had to turn the battery around to match up pos and neg, which makes the side posts face the firewall. doesnt bother me. starts on the dime so far, just waiting for some colder weather. thanks again
  3. Thanks alot for all the replys. I'll probably go out and buy the battery once i get the chance. I'll look into this a little more. I read on a stereo fourm that that was one of the down falls of the yellow tops. thanks again.
  4. The first batt i mentioned is really the only one thats available to me locally. Their is also a yellow top, but it comes with a 1 year warrenty as oppose to 3 for the red and i've heard that the gel based yellow top do not perform as well in cold temperatures. So far this winter we've already seen temps as low as -30 degree celcius(i think about -20 F). My question is still at large, sure the battery will work in a four banger civic, but what about my big V8s electrical??? will the alternator suffer any problems??
  5. I dont understand the point of this reversed business.. ..why not just turn the battery around??? I know this would make it difficult for the side posts to reach but, imports dont use them anyway. If anything it'll make it look cleaner.
  6. I got the battery tested at the dealership, and was told to replace it. I've been looking around and heard nothing but good things about Optima batteries. And i found one the other day and i was wondering if they will meet the needs of our cars? Its this model that i'm looking at: the CCA is about 150 more than the stock battery...will that affect anything? its a pretty small battery, so i dont think the size is a concern. But i want to make sure that the electrical wont mess up if i dont use one that the dealer recomends. My
  7. you shouldnt have to disable the alarm to take the batt out. just take it out, and when you put it back in, make sure you have the keys in your hand that way if it does go off, just hit the unlock. if you dont want the alarm to go off at all then make sure you take out the battery when the car is unlocked.
  8. Chrome for sure. A black 430 came in to the dealer after tinting, and it had those 7 spoke 17s in chrome on em, and immediatly i dropped to my knees :o and needed a new set of underwear. I want to see pictures when you get em on.
  9. I'd say yea, but the only thing is they dont show any of the products he used to get the glue off the paint....then again we wouldnt have the same product. looks to me like its just water and his finger nail.
  10. Everyone who owns one knows they lite up in 5 secs. but does anyone have any videos, i feel like watching at someone elses expense. I've only done a 360 and then peeled out, wasnt my GS either :D , but i didnt have my digi with me at the time :( . anyone have any?
  11. LOL, I'll be sure to take some pics when i do so, and show what screw driver i used
  12. Looks real sharp, keep it up. I like those rims too, got anything for a stereo??
  13. Hey, I have a 98 GS 4 aswell, and this is where the amp is. I dont have a pioneer system with my GS, didnt think they came with it, but check right there. pretty much what Twinturbo said. And if you havent found your CD changer yet.....i suggest you open your glove box :P
  14. It all depends, this one guy that came in on saturday, said that his wife took the rx 330 out to get groceries saturday morning, she came back to the car and the badges were gone, went home, gave him the keys and came in for a wash. Another is actually a close friend of mine. Shes has an xterra, but her sis took it out for the day, so she took her moms rx 300, went to the park and ride with it, came back after a few hours and they were all gone. that was the last time they ever took their lexus to the park and ride. and some people just have like 3 lexus', one Dr has a LX, an SC 430 and an
  15. have you seen the hack jobs those kids leave, black glue and chips is what you get, sometimes dents, i wash Lexus' customer cars on saturdays, and let me tell you, some of the cars arent pretty, in regards to the jacked emblems. but a few have em properly removed and they look very slick. even just leaving the L in the middle would look nice, IMO. I think the dark chrome is the nicest for the emblems, on white, black or red.
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