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  1. Throw my vote in for the Michelin AS Pilot Sports ZPs-- they changed everything!
  2. Hello, The RH quarter window on my 2003 SC won't operate up or down when opening/closing top. LH window OK. I checked fuse #35 per manual and its OK ( seems it would be if other side works!). I'm hoping something simple is wrong. Any history or ideas with this problem? Jim
  3. After 46,000 miles and two sets of Bridgestone Potenzas, and in need of a new set of tires, I recently purchased a set of the Michelin Pilot Sport AS Plus ZPs for my 2003 SC430. I have to say the difference is night and day - I'm amazed at what I've been missing out on. The handling is tighter, ride smoother, and just a whole lot more fun - feels like a sports car, finally. Additionally, rated wear is 40,000 vs 20,000 for the Potenzas - that makes them half as expensive too! Downside? Maybe two - I think the road noise level a little higher (my wife disputes this), and maintenance/fuel costs
  4. Hello, Just today I finally broke down and got Michelin Pilot Sport AS Plus ZPs to replace my Bridgestone Potenzas - the result is a very marked improvement in ride and handling. I should have done this long ago. We use our SC for "sporting" around - not commuting - so ride and performance were important qualities. As to commuting - during the research I did do before getting my Michelins - I kept coming across a lot of praise for Continetal Extreme Contact DWS tires. They are about $120 less than my Michelins ($160 vs $280). I saw them today in the store and they looked very conventional. M
  5. I see lots of discussions about getting rid of RFT tires - listen to my story ---- Like most everyone I had had it with the ride, handling, and low mileage wear of my Bridgestone RFTs. Time for new tires and I was convinced to get "regular" tires and carry the old Green Slime tire repair -- already carried a compressor so no big deal. Well, when the time came for new tires I broke down and got another set of Bridgestones - couldn't pass up the Lexus 4 for the price of 3 sale - thought maybe next time I'll get the "real tires". Jump ahead 3 months - wife and I go to a remote Indian Casino in
  6. Passenger window on my 2003 SC430 goes up and down as it should when opening/closing the top but won't raise or lower using control on either door. Driver window OK. I've checked fuses 35, 41 and 42 - all OK. Motor seems to work OK as window does raise/lower. Did I miss any other fuses? Any ideas?
  7. Thanks - that's a pretty good description. I bought a OBD II so am sure which sensor is trouble. Also have read article on jumping the plug pins. Now all I have to do is get my fat bod under the car (which I had been hoping to avoid doing). You've been a lot of help.
  8. Hello, Thanks for your reply on my question. However, nowhere can I find location of Bank 2 sensor 1 in the engine compartment. I've looked and looked but no joy. I've got a 2003 but engine very clean. I've got the feeling it is under a heat shield or something. Could relly use a diagram/phot! Any hints?
  9. Today warning lights VSC, VSC OFF, and Engine (check) light came on and won't go off. Car seems to run fine. Turning on/off VSC has no effect. Anyone had this before? Tried searching forum for VSC but 3 letters won't work in search. It must probably be an electrical problem. Read somewhere where gas cap could trip. Any help appreciated.
  10. Eureka - I located a source for TRD wheels for my 2003 SC430. He has 3 in stock and sells them as singles for $360 each with all the hardware and free shipping in the lower 48. These wheels are almost impossible to find in a set, let alone singles. Check it out at Business located in Roseville, CA
  11. 3 months ago I got a hairline crack in one of my 2003 SC430 TRD wheels - causing slow leak. A tire dealer chain (Les Schwab) sent it out and had it welded ($175). Several days ago it started leaking again so went to Lexus dealer where I was informed TRD had gone out of business and no replacement tires available. Was also told welding never works as a permanent cure and I was lucky to get 3 months out of it! Yes I have RFTs. It seems TRD (Toyota Racing Development) was an independent company and Lexus supplier. These wheels were a $3000 upgrade on the original purchase - which wasn't made by
  12. Try Mr. Lou's Stuff at Cost about $50 w/shipping Got mine for my SC430 and they were so easy and cheap I replaced the hood struts on my LS
  13. Update - Well, the heat control valve is OK. Can be moved by hand and does control heat in cooling and heating modes. Problem is wire that moves the valve lever apparently isn't functioning, which is a major deal. I can push/pull it by hand but it won't move on its own when temp control is changed. I assume now that servo probably is OK, but that motor driving wire is "dislocated" from wire and that is the thumping I'm hearing - motor spinning around with no resistence. Problem is getting to the motor/servo which is not so easily done for the common car owner with no special tools. Anyone
  14. TA in KC -- after posting I found the 2000 LS400 service manual source someone posted here and down loaded. A quick perusal and I located the section on the heater control valve service/testing. A quick check of mine shows that it is stuck in one position and doesn't move at all with various temp settings. Looks like that is the place to go to get my heat back. Thanks 1990LS400 -- thanks for the info. If heater control valve doesn't stop thumping, I think I'll locate the servos and and try disconnecting them one at a time to see if I can locate a bad apple. Jim
  15. 1994 LS400 - original owner - 220,000 miles Six months ago heater stopped working, A/C cooling OK. Heating just blows cold air. About a month ago A/C started making quite loud thumping noise when temp set below about 72. Thumping about twice per second. Threshold for thumping lowers (below 72) as time goes by until only thumps at "Max Cold" - still no heat. I could find nothing similar in Forum. Is it a damper motor? Any ideas?
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