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  1. how hard is it to get at the battery for an LS400? i know on some foreign brands its behind the tire.
  2. If you're having trouble choosing between which lexus model you should buy, I WILL ALWAYS vote for the GS, it is the best by far for looks and power
  3. speaking of rear seat removal. i was just on another forum site and some lady was talking about losing weight after baby delivery and the preferred bra she wore for nursing. i asked her what that had to do with lexus and got no response
  4. nice wax job rook. i don't care who makes it, the lexus is still the best car
  5. Wow! those look great. I'm excited to hear about how the GS hybrid performs on the road. I love my Lexus hybrid.
  6. The extent to which I can work on my Lexus RX350 is an oil change. Not very impressive!
  7. My Lexus RX 330's defrost will not work. While I'm driving in the rain the whole windshield will fog up, and I literally have to pull over to fix the problem. I think I may have leak, that let's in moisture. Has anyone heard of this problem?
  8. I am in dire need of new tires for my 04'Lexus SC 430. What do you recommend for a daily commute of about 20miles, with little need for driving in snow/ bad weather.
  9. I use Castrol Syntec Blend 5W-30 when I get a Lexus oil change.
  10. I got mine on for $90, the GROM Audio iPod to Toyota / Scion / Lexus Car Adapter/ Interface. I really like it. Easy to use/install.
  11. Well depending on how much you're willing to pay, you could ask your Lexus dealership. It never hurts to get a price! But yes, it sounds like this is not a DIY project.
  12. I have blown many a speaker in my Lexus coupe, and it sounds like (or rather lack of sounds) you have done the same. If the sound is coming in and out, you might need to replace one or more of the speakers.
  13. I usually just have Dobbs replace my batteries. Is is not necessarily something the Lexus dealer has to do because it is a fairly simple maintenance update. Also batteries should average about $80-$100, no more than that.
  14. I use the Goodyear Eagle GT II on my GS, and I am constantly driving out to Colorado throughout the winter. These are a great year-round tire
  15. $508 does seem a little steep. Have you looked at pricing for the part online? No matter what, you will probably have to have guy install it, but at least you could cut costs for the part by shopping around. I wonder what caused both sides of your GS 350 trim to start peeling away?
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