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  1. KoO thanks Neo, i'll try to be there. and again thanks for all the help
  2. Lookin for a nice lip kit for a 99 GS300 (Aristo) and also if anyone has suggestions and pics of a kit. that would be great Thanks
  3. What do you guys think of TEIN S. TECH springs with L-TUNED shocks on a 99 GS with 20 inch rims. Just wondering if that would be a nice drop and would the ride be ok.
  4. if u want the clear fog lense try to find some one wit the GS300 that wants the yellow lense and trade them. i have the clear lense and interested in tradeing for the yellow ones if u are too. but if not just look for someone that is sellin the gs300 ones. hope that helps you
  5. Try lookin at website or try those websites hope that helps you out
  6. The picture of the car and the lines behind it, is your traction control light
  7. Try going to there are alot of good things to buy there
  8. I HAVE A Question about the IAT/ mass airflow sensor. i was just wondering if anyone knows which wire is the signal wire? would it be the brown wire or is it the gray wire. if anyone can help me out , i would be great full. i have a 99 GS300
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