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  1. Hi, The problem is that some dealers/distributors tend to adjust the headlights very conservatively - and then you see too little. Most of my mods actually reduce wattage draw. The hi-beam Xenons draw half of what the stock incandescent bulbs draw, with vastly improved output. The LED DRL's draw just 6W, which is negligible. I drive a lot in Italy where "lights on" is mandatory, and mainly fitted the DRL's in order not to have to switch the lights on manually. I see we have the same vehicles, except that my wife's Prius is Barcelona Red :) . Over here, Xenon is regrettably not available for the Prius, so it was "xenonised" with a kit from the same source a couple weeks ago. Same improvement on low beam, a little less impressive on high beam - but still a lot better than stock.
  2. Hi, IMHO, if you follow the adjustment instructions in the manual and set the headlights just a little higher (but of course not so high that they bother oncoming traffic unduly), the low beam headlights in the RX are quite good, although there are better systems around. It's really child's play to set the headlichts correctly, as all you need is a piece of level ground, a wall, and a screwdriver. We often drive long (400 mi.) distances at night and at "European" speeds (up to 85 mph) and under these circumstances the conventional high beams are definitely underwhelming, especially coming from a vehicle with Bi-Xenon headlights. A very quick, easy, and not too expensive remedy for this exists on Ebay: Retrofit Xenon bulbs for the high beam lights. I know there might be some problems in this respect with your US DRL system, but it seems it can be disabled. The bulbs cost slightly more than 100 USD, are well made, fitting is a matter of a good half hour (100% Plug-and-Play), and the result is absolutely amazing. There is a pictorial description of the operation here on the German LOC forum. Babelfishing should take care of most of the linguistic problems European Lexi do not have DRL's - and I wanted them on mine. In the end I succeeded, and am quite happy with the result.
  3. Hi, So far, we're 12,000 kilometres down the road with our RX400h, bought in June '07. Trouble-free, which is a very welcome change from our previous vehicle, a Mercedes ML320CDI which spent 4 of the total 18 months of ownership in the shop . Here in Europe, all-season threads are not common, although they can be practical. Our RX400h came on Dunlop 270 Sport tires that are OK, relatively quiet, but probably will not be very winter-friendly. We're looking for an all-season tire, with emphasis on quietness - the Bridegestone Alenza's seem OK - but are there other alternatives? The problem is of course the tire dimension of the RX - there are relatively few tires in 235/55-18. A bit further up RXREY tells about having successfully mounted 255/55-18 tires on his RX400h - and in that size the choice is plentiful. Will these tires fit the RX400h without any problems (rubbing etc.) - this question is of course primarily to RXREY, but maybe other users have had experiences with this size upgrade.
  4. krouebi

    RX400h HID (hi-beam) retrofit

    #9005 HID Bulbs on our '07 RC400h
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