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  1. Mine runs just fine....very pleased with it. Just seemed like a very strange story from the dealer.
  2. Usual indications of tread wear on the run-flats. Did rotation at 5k intervals. Might be driving habits but doubt it since that has not been an issue with previous vehicles. Suggestion from replies is that 10k-15k is in line with experience of others....thanks
  3. I am on my third set of runflat tires at 30k mi. Average wear seems 10-12k miles...can that be improved by brand selection or anything else?
  4. Factory installed Goodyear tires wore out in the first 10k miles which I am told is normal. Upgraded tires might be a little better but not much. Cause: gasoline engine cutting in and out causing change in tire rotation per dealer. Have others had this experience...seems a little bizarre to me.
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