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  1. I'm worried about losing the DISP button control from the steering wheel controls if I upgrade the stereo and use a steering wheel control kit. Has anyone done this? Looking at the AXXESS brand but open to others. Thanks.
  2. Got the Chilton (thankfully from my library) and it's got literally nothing on weatherstripping replacement (doors or hatch). So that was useless....
  3. The weatherstripping came off a few years ago on my 2006 RX400h's rear hatch door. (Moving big items in and out rubs against it, it's inevitable it seems if you use it for cargo!) I got away with a few years of using the black goo glue to put it back in place, but now it's in tatters and stretched and it's done. I need to replace it. The hinge for the hatch door seems to stop the new weatherstripping from going on easily - does anyone know if this is a DIY job? Thanks for your help.
  4. 2006 RX400h - The weatherstripping along the bottom and side of the hatch area is loose. Doesn't seem to be torn, it pretty much stays in place but obviously needs to be re-glued. Seems to use some thick black glump to hold it in place. Has anyone done this before?
  5. Worked for me - I am now running 10.1/5.1 hybrid, baby! If someone wants a copy of this disc, I'll be happy to make them for a small fee. Drop me a PM. EDIT It doesn't work . The system won't let you enter an address or select a POI. (It does let you select a pre-entered memory point, but that's it). So.... One must decide, whether they want new maps but no Override ability, or really old maps. I think we'll go with new maps.
  6. I couldn't find a topic version 9 - does it still remove the manual override on the Nav? I'm still on the original maps because we use override all the time...
  7. We're not talking about the disclaimer, we're talking about the ability to override the "can't use while in motion" cr@p.
  8. I can't remember how to turn off this annoying reminder notice... Can someone refresh my memory please? Thanks!
  9. I bought a filter at NAPA for $15 - how do you replace it? Do you have to take the glove box out or something?
  10. I always liked the 968. As a kid I loved the 944, and the better headlights on the 968 really updated the look. Nice car! Is it cabrio or hardtop? Back to the air filter, I may try leaving a window cracked. It's obvious that NOT doing that is creating a stinky science experiment in the freaking filter.
  11. We keep getting this terrible moldy musty smell from the HVAC vents. The dealer sprayed some antifungal stuff on it a month ago but that only lasted a few days. So I guess we need to replace the cabin air filter. It's an '06 RX400h - where can I get one cheap???
  12. FRONT (Left & Right the same) Camber: -1.3° to 0.2° Caster: 2.0° to 3.5° Toe: -0.10° to 0.10° SAI: 9.8° to 11.3° Included Angle: 8.5° to 11.5° Cross Camber: -0.8° to 0.8° Cross Caster: -0.8° to 0.8° Total Toe: -0.20 to - 0.20° REAR (Left & Right the same) Camber: -1.1° to 0.2° Toe: 0.05° to 0.20° Total Toe: 0.09° to 0.39° So I had my car aligned TWICE at the reputable shop in my area, and then took it to Lexus for them to do it at 250% of the price... But, they found that my rear right was way out of alignment already (-0.11 when specs are 0.05 - 0.20 !) They got that into spec, and it's certainly better. BUT it still wants to go right too much!