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  1. I have a 2006 SC430 I was considering getting an IPHONE 4S however it is my understandng that it is not fully compatibile and that you can not download the phonebook to the car. I was told that if you download your phonebook from a fully compatibile phone and then pair the IPHONE the IPHONE will be able to access the phonebook and be fully functional. Does anyone know if this s true and has anyone done this successfully?
  2. I have a 2006 SC430. I have used two cell phones with this car. The first one was a Blackberry Curve 8320 and the current phone is a Samsung Galaxy S Infuse. In both cases the phones have been completely compatible with the car except that when someone calls me the phone does not ring through the car sound system. The navigation system changes to show that there is an incoming call and fortunately I store the phone in the centre console so unless the top is down and the radio is turned up I can usually hear it but neither phone rang incoming calls through the car audio system even though the
  3. I am considering replacing the OEM Bridgestone tires with Continental Extreme Contact DWS. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. I am looking for advise. I have a 2006 SC430 with only 10,000 miles on it. The service manual says that the time belt should be changed at 90,000 miles or 6 years. Given the exceptionally low mileage on the car when do you think this service really needs to be done? Thanks
  5. swabby


    Thanks for the advise. I was able to contact the garage door manufacturer and they walked me through it and now it works fine. I was inadvertantly leaving our a step. Thanks
  6. swabby


    I am having difficulty programming my Homelink garage door opener. I live in Canada but purchased the car in the U.S.A. I have followed the directions in the manual to program the Homelink for a revolving garage dooe opener but no luch. Does the fact that I have a garage door opener purchased in Canada the reason that the Homelink in my U.S. purchased car does not work. I also have an Acura which I purchased in Canada and the Homelink in it works fine so I know it is not the actual garage door opener. Any Suggestions?
  7. I have been trying to make a generation 4 10.1/5.1 navigation disc without success. Can anyone tell me the most current version (ie.9.1 or 8.1 or 7.1 etc) that has successfully been made into a hybrid disc that allows you to access the override menu. Thanks
  8. I am having exactly the same experience. The disc will load but I loose the location map as soom as I try to go into Destinations. I have read in Toyotanation comments from others who have had the same results. I am beginning to think that there is something unique about the 10.1 disc. Do you know if anyone has succeeded in making a generation 4 10.1/9.1 disc?
  9. not4y2kno - Just a couple of questions: 1) Can we assume that the process that we have been following is correct except that we have been burning at 4x rather than the 1x that you have indicated. Also is our setting of ISO9660+Joliet+UDF correct or should it just be ISO9660+Joliet. Basically from what you have indicated it appears that our only real problem has been burn speed. Is that you feeling. Thanks
  10. not4u2kno - Thanks for getting back to me. I have been working on this for some time and frankly had reached the point were I was ready to give up. I have been working with a friends who has more computer expertise than I do. What we have done is as follows: 1) Used a HP6910 Laptop 2) Used Verbatium DVD+R DL 3) Used the IMGBURN program at 4x speed 4) Used original 5.1 and 10.1 generation 4 navigation discs 5) Used setting ISO+JOLIET+UDF 6) used setting DVD-Rom (booktype) 7) After loading the 10.1 to the computer the only fle that we changed was the operating file by replacing the 10.
  11. not4u2kno - I personally have both the factory 5.1 and 10.1 navigation discs for my generation 4 Lexus SC430 system and have made a number of attempts to create a hybrid disc. So far I have not succeeded. I have succeeded in making a backup disc of each of my factory discs but not a hybrid. Do you know of anyone who has actually succeeded in making a 5.1/10.1 disc?
  12. I recently purchased a genration 4 10.1 navigation disc. I wanted to make 2 backup copies. I was able to make the first backup copy just fine but for some reason I am unable to make the second backup copy. Is there something in the software that limits you to 1 backup?
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. I checked the site however it appears to me that these instructions are for a generation 5 system rather than generation 4. It does bring up one otheer question. Is a generation 4 system in a toyota the same as a generation 4 system in a Lexus?
  14. I have been reading the Lexus Club site and the Toyotnation site extensive, and I am confused. Is it possible to create a hybrid disc for the generation 4 navigation system which will allow you to retain the navigation override. I am trying to create a 5.1/10.1 disc but so far no luck. Can it be done? Has anyone created a generation 4 5.1/7.1 or 5.1/8.1 or 5.1/9.1 or 5.1/10.1 that works? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. I am not sure what you mean by 04. I know that a number of people who have 2001 - 2004 and 2007 - 2010 sc430 have indicated that they have successfully created hybrid discs up to a 5.1/9.1. These cars have generation 5 navigation systems. What I don't know is whether there is something unique about the generation 4 system, which is in 2005 and 2006 card, that prevents the making of a successful hybrid disc.
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