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  1. Hello: Could anybody please give some advise what might went wrong prior I take it to dealership to check. The Navi display seems to work incorrectly (GX470 2003). Whenever I start the vehicle and hit the "Agree" button on Navi it stays normal on Map display but I can't enter/hit any Dest or Map button (they give beep sound but doesn't switch the screen). And few minutes later while driving the screen goes back to Welcome "Agree" button again. All Climate, Audio buttons work well. It started to work awkward out the blue. Any thoughts on what I have to check please. Any other suggestions on
  2. Thank you very much. I'll check.
  3. Hello, Please advise what can be done? My radiator coolant reservoir is almost empty at the end of the day. The engine temperature is normal as is used to be never goes high, Radiator itself is always full. I just have to fill out radiator reservoir everyday. I've checked the pressure test at the Firestone for the possible radiator leaks and it's ok. Please advise. Don't want to go to the dealer since the will charge a lot for nothing just to open and check everything.... Thank you!!!
  4. Hello, I am DIY Brake fluid flush and the DIY description says that I have disconnect ABS actuator connectors while in this operation. Please anyone let me know the location for that? Is it really necessary to disconnect that? Also, shal I keep the ignition key off or on while doing Brake fluid flush? Thank you much!!!
  5. Thank you much!!! I'll check with the dealer then
  6. Hello, Please advise what is the "Check A/C" means on Nav board? When I am loooking on Nav Screen the A/C button is blinking and not steady and the "Check Air Conditioner" text comes on screen periodically. I would like to know if anything serious or I can fix it DIY before taking thi to the dealer. Thank you!!!
  7. Hi, Does the 2003 GX470 OEM Radio has the AUX IN jack? I can't find it on the back of the radio. I've connected satellite radio by now through the FM relay. Please advise. Thanks!
  8. Thank you! I got it now!!! One more question please: does the 2003 GX470 OEM Radio has the AUX IN jack? I can't find it on the back of the radio. I've connected satellite radio by now through the FM relay. Please advise. Thanks!
  9. I sort of hardwired wired my portable GPS into the cable leading to the accessory outlet on my 00 LS, details here: However, if I had known about "add-a-curcuit" connectors (sometimes called piggy-back fuses), I would definitely have used one instead. They plug into the under-dash fuse box and are perfect for powering accessories -- available on-line or at auto parts stores. Photo attached. Thank you for your reply. Piggy-back fuses should be a good option but if you plug the fuse with 2 wires how to determine + (positive) an
  10. Please help me to identify the best one 12v constant accessory wire in order to connect Satellite radio and GPS. Please advise which one is the good one to tap (is this ignition one?). If you have pics I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
  11. Hi, Can anyone please post the picture or explain where the 12V fuse location in order to connect satelite radio and the proper procedure to connect it via DIY. Thank you much!!! ;)
  12. I am looking for center console assembly cup holder in grey color for GX470. Please provide pics if you have one.
  13. Hello, Does anyone know where I can get extra installation clips for the Hood deflector I've purchased recently. I've just broke one clip during the setup and the dealership doesn't sell the clips separately what a shame. Any help would be really appreciated!!! This is the Hood deflector I've bought:
  14. Hi, Could you please advise how I can upgrade the 2003 GX470 Nav since I can't even locate the DVD for Nav :( Could anyone please post picture for DVD location since I don't have OEM DVD in my vehicle and exact procedure how to upgrade. I believe that the NAV is satelite and I might don't have a DVD ???? It sounds stupid but please advise. Any suggestions where I can the upgrade DVD besides the dealer. Thank you!
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