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  1. Hopefully your importer can tell you, otherwise you can look up the vin. Another way to tell is the orientation of the oil pan. Your SC will require a rear sump oil pan, and 1js with rear sumps came on the jzz30 and the jza70, and front sumps on the chasers/markIIs, etc.
  2. 1. since this is the case will I have to extend the shifter to fit? Yes you will, the only R154 that will fit is the soarer r154 (with the soarer bellhousing of course) which is very difficult to find. ( the engine and tranny all came together in once piece) 2. Will I have to change the driveshaft of my sc300 to the soarer driveshaft or the supra mk3 driveshaft or can I just leave it stock? You will need a new driveshaft. Some have claimed to use half of the sc400 driveshaft and had sucess with the mk3 r154. 3. If i can leave it stock will i need to make modifications to the driveshaft so that it fits correctly? Extend it. 4. Does anyone know if the driveshaft that driftmotion sells (aluminum) can be used to do this auto to r154 tranny swap? Don't know.
  3. Get a pfc. In addition to what you already have. With the stock injectors I wouldn't aim for more than 350
  4. Hello, I have a question for you all that have done the 92-93 to 95+ front bumper conversion. Did everyone just hook up the fogs to the daytime lights? Or did anyone get the oem fog light switch from a 95+ car and make it work? If so, how did you make it work? I have access to a 95 parts car, and I have a 92. Does the 95 have a different interior harness with a foglight signal? If someone can shine some light on this, I would be much appreciated. Thanks, Gario edit: wow 3 years later after lurking. 1st post =)