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  1. I am looking to purchase a black 3-spoke/4-spoke and burlwood steering wheel for my 97 sc300. Thanks
  2. I actually had that same problem in my mitsubishi a couple of years back, I ended up changing the trans fluid and the filter and putting the car in OD mode off and that worked for a couple of months, but then I ended up getting stuck on the road oneday when it completely slipped. I ended up have to replace the entire tranny (that sucked) I hope its just your soleniod because its a lot cheaper. Let me know what the shop tells u
  3. Thanks, my importer could not tell me. I got it from a guy named chad up in canada. I will check were the sump oil pan goes today if I have time. Where would I find the vin # on the engine, i have seen some 7 digit #'s but not sure which one is the vin? and where would i go to look it up?
  4. I just wanted to know what are the differnces that i will experience putting a jdm 1gz gte engine w 5spd R154 (not sure of which car it came out of) into a 1997 sc300 automatic and if it makes a difference with the wiring and the ecu to the harness. I havent yet taken out the engine and tranny yet. I will hopefully be getting to that tomorrow, reduing my suspension at the same time, so i dont know if they look like that yet but I will check first chance and let you know. How can I tell what car the engine came out of and what year of the engine I am hoping to get somewhere around 350whp
  5. Thanks, does it make a difference if I am using a Jdm engine into my usdm car? Will my computer( from jdm 1jz gte) be able to plug into the harness (usdm sc300) and read correctly? Does anyone know about how I can get the r154 tranny to fit, it is actually like an inch or two too short
  6. Thanks gario, that was very useful info. Does anyone else have any suggestions?
  7. Hello fellow SC owners. Can anyone please help me with any suggestions, answers, or anything.
  8. I need some help in doing a 1jz gte w/ 5spd (r154) tranny into my 1997 sc300 (automotic) I am currently doing this modification as we speak! I am having most of my issues with doing the tranny swap, I have heard and been told so many different things regarding this swap. I am in search of some real answers form someone who has done this swap or knows someone who has done this swap or any information that has been proven correct! I believe that this engine did not come out of a Toyota soarer GT as it comes with the r154 tranny and i think that this came only in the mk3 supra. 1. since this
  9. what color is the interior? Do you have the drivers side door window sill panel?
  10. GoGreen

    GoGreen from 2003

    Pics of my 1997 lexus sc 300 from 2003.
  11. I am waiting on my 1jz gte jdm engine and tranny swap to come in about a week or so and wanted to know if anyone knows of any easy ways of getting at least 350hp to the wheel. Will I also need to change my driveaxel on the car or can i leave it stock. I was planning on: Intercooler pulleys turbo manifold turbo downpipe exhuast pipping intake are there any other modifications that i will need that i did not mention? Have already completed full suspension upgrade: Tein flex coilovers daizan bushings all around daizan sway bars tie rod ends end links supra tt big brake upgrade
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