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  1. what about the rear kit and the spoiler on this...
  2. Can anyone identify the front lip on this gs...
  3. thanks for mentioning my name, i doubt they were able to pick out who i was though my car was featured on their magazine and i was there 2 weeks ago
  4. Beautiful children you've got. I love the chevy, do you take it out often?
  5. with OEM Toyota glass and Lexus-approved installation methods? lexus approved installation methods for a freakin windshield? lollll what do u think u drive a rolls royce? what they wash their hands with holy water before working on your car
  6. i got both of my gs' done for $150. i got an expedition done for $150.
  7. no problem. thanks 2 U 2. as far as tinting...the front windsheild has a limo tint visor on top. dark on the passenger and driver and limo in the rear glass and back doors. and for the calipers go to
  8. The topic isn't that interesting. IMHO :P what do you have to say about every other topic, nothings interesting? what about topic "The Highest Mileage Gs400 Out There? " near 5,000 views with only 37 comments? its not interesting why do they even click on it in the first place. i think they're just too lazy to sign up buddy who else has got to the limit where governor kicked in
  9. ya its on 19s...heres one in the parking lot at work when i was working on the coils....i raised it up just a bit and adjusted the settings in the back, it was too rough and bouncy. its like this doesnt look all that in the pictures, it looks different in person, you get to see the details. but here is how it is, expect the grill now is flat black with the L logo and the chrome around it, its all black.
  10. Currenly we have only 4 people including me on this topic but there are 115 views (that will change fast). Almost all of those views are with people how arent members. COME ON LOOKLY-LOES DONT BE AFRAID TO SIGN UP, IT'S FREE!
  11. 265s will not rub, you might even be lucky that 275s dont rub either. doesnt matter that should be the least of your worries. worry about how you might have trouble aligningm worry about how your tires are gonna wear out quicker, worry about how your comfort is gonna be gone, worry about how youre not going to want to peal out cause each tires cost 200 bucks, worry about how you're gonna feel the difference on your cars accelaration/fuel consumption....If you dont really 100 percent dont want to roll your fenders 265s will do. although rolling fenders with the machine is imposible to tell by any bystander so why not? machine costs around 200 dollars but local stores like tirerack and goodyear tires carry them and charge around 40 bucks for ur rear (u dont need the front). although i do not recomment you get it done by them because its a chain of stores and run by managers employing morons to do their work so they dont care if they screw up and lose a customer but if u go to a private owned motorsports then they'll care about a single customer and should do a clean job. Only and ONLY with machine is where your fenders being rolled will not be noticable. Id say you have to roll your fenders even if u lower the car on springs cause it will bounce especially on the freeway and will hit those 275s. FRONT: going with 235s in the front makes the tire less wide and decreases the lenght/reach it has to touch the fender. 235s shouldnt rub in the front. Bottom line: 235s with 265s is a better idea for 20s. Get 245/275 if you're going with 19s although you may still want to roll your fenders. Need4Speed personally owns a couple of these vehicles and should give you the best advice. Heres a picture i took in front of their warehouse in december to show you they personally own 2 gs'. I should have parked my car in the middle would have been the nicest one, well after the m5 :) Thanks for the comment on my car. I currently have the coilovers raised up just a bit cause i couldnt get in my own driveway.
  12. REAR: In order to go 275s in the rear you need to have your fenders rolled. Now remember to roll your fenders, not bend in your fenders. Do not hammer, tap, hit, heat up and bend, or simply put a baseball bat in between and drive back and will mess it up. If you want a pro job and no one notice your fenders have been rolled then you go with a special took thats made for rolling. Your rim comes off, tool gets clipped on and fenders gets rolled with no dents or paint chippings. This way no one is able to tell its been rolled. Height of tire will not matter, you may drop it and will have alot of free space in the back. dont worry about the height. So 275/30/20 = no problem. Picture of my car below has 275s in the rear on 19s with coilovers to show you the drop its able to get. So the height doesnt matter. FRONT: 245/35/20 in the front with your drop should experiance rubbing on the front inner fender cover while taking turns. What will happen is eventually your cover will get worn out and create a hole. You have to option of cutting that part out or remove the entire cover. You also have the option of going with 245/30/20 in the front where it shouldnt rub but you may experience your speedometer to be off about 3 miles. Thats why its recommended you stick with 19s on these vehicles although upto 22s have been installed before. For additional information my buddies at Need4Speed would love to help you out. You may contact them toll free 1888.714.7467
  13. 2001 gs430. I've hit 148/9 once before and hit 150 couple of days ago and felt like it would have kept going. Governor never has kicked in. Car came with 235/?/17 performance tires although they have been changed. I highly do not recommend anyone attempt a top speed run with stock tires and suspensions.
  14. What car & at what speed does your governor kick in?
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