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  1. My Lexus laser sensor on the front bumper broke due to a low flying rock on the road. Anyhow, I went to Lexus to repair it and they quoted me $2070 to replace and reinstall it. Seems a little high. Any thoughts on (1) disabling the sensor and just using the standard cruise control without radar sensor, or (2) repairing it myself and finding a used sensor some where else. Details and or web sites would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
  2. I have a 01 LS 430 and my trunk struts are shot. I don't want to pay what the dealer wants ($200 per strut). Are there any third party sources to find a part to replace these reasonably?
  3. Also on very hot days 90+, when I turn my car off, the steering column retracts and make a humming sound alll the way thru retraction? Any thoughts pm the problem?
  4. Has anyone ever had this problem? No rain in sight... I have my wipers set up for rain activation and on Very hot days 90+ degrees they just start working without any rain.... I have to put the wiper position in the off mode. Anyone had the same problem?
  5. Guy's, I REALLY need some help. I have been trying to locate a later version than my Data 2000 ver 1 for my 2001 Lexus LS430. Everyone I talk to says it's a GEN 2/3 DVD and any upgrade will be EASY to install. Well, that's not true! On my DVD, which is a ROYAL BLUE DVD, it has part numbers of 86271-47020 and 464210-5000. The title on the DVD is "DVD VOICE NAVIGATION SYSTEM USA" The local Lexus dealership is a joke. No help at all. Would someone PLEASE HELP me find the CORRECT generation and Navigation DVD with part number 86271-XXXXX? Thanks so much for your help on this matter in a
  6. Gentlemen, I have a 2001 Lexus LS430... and LOVE it... I just pulled my NAV DVD out of the back... it's currently Data ver 2000 v1. Part # 86271-47020 ... Is this Generation 2/3 or 4 or 5? I'm trying to upgrade and have missed the boat on what I need to upgrade to next... Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Especially part numbers... 86271-XXXXX
  7. can you post the link please? Thermactor, can you post the link PLEASE! I found it guys.... It's the same place I shop. 30% off of retail. It is under "Bodt Hardware";catalogid=0 bsouth123, I drilled down for a 2001 LS430.. nothing under Body Parts...
  8. can you post the link please? Thermactor, can you post the link PLEASE!
  9. Supercoupe400 I have turned the world upside down and can't find a trunk hydraulic strut for a 2001 LS430... any suggestions? besides the stealer?
  10. Actually that is what the part is called on the Lexus LS430... or the hydrolic arms to easily open or close the trunk.. The Lexus parts department wants $157.00 per support... how outrageous is that? So back to the original question... are there any aftermarket suppliers for this trunk lift support?
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