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  1. This is BOBLEXUSLS430 with an update to my new Y-pipe installation fix. Working Great!!!!!!!!!!! Still no error codes (P0420 or P0430) bank one and back two after installing ebay exhaust y-pipe 2 months back. Save yourself a lot of time and money by ordering this ebay Y-pipe and take it to your local exhaust shop to have it installed or give it a try yourself. Make sure you check for leaks on the three connections after installing new Y pipe. If still leaks, try my jack method on the front two connections and user exhaust sealer on the rear connection. Don't stop unt
  2. Recommendation to prevent from happening again. I did buy a can of exhaust manifold paint and painted the flanges and new Y pipes. From what I could tell after removing the heat shields, the clamps heat shields and insulation caused the pipe to fail. If you could take the shields off and paint the Y pipe with exhaust manifold paint I think this would prevent this problem from happening. Also recommend replacing 4 bolts and gaskets after cleaning up the flanges. 1) the clamps rusted 2) the heat shields started to rust 3) the insulation trapped water and caused the Y pipe and everything
  3. This is my update after installing new Y exhaust pipe for 2001 lexus ls430 at a price $304 (Bought from ebay) verses 1200+ from dealer to avoid computer fault codes P0430 and p0420. New Y pipe came with bolts and gaskets 1) put car on jack stands 2a) Used o/2 sensor removal socket and easly removed both O2 sensors without going into car 2b) use propane touch and 2 pairs of visegrips to remove 4 bolts (2 on each side attached to forward cats) - heat nuts until glowing orange and remove with visegrips 3) removed rear clamp on Y pipe exhaust pipe. (take extra care to save rear clamp b
  4. Lets just agree to disagree on this one. I am 99.999% certain the shield (and the mineral wool insulation under it) is there to stop the exhaust from cooling so the secondary Catalytic Converter can reach "light off" temperature. Bare uninsulated pipe will cause cooling and delay the secondary converter from kicking in. I agree there is no pressure sensor but O2 sensors aren't temperature sensors either. They measure the amount of O2 in the exhaust stream. It could be the leak stops the sensor from getting to 600° F it needs to function (that's wh
  5. Sorry CuriousB, Did not read your post prior to responding. Looks like you did your homework. I'll keep you posted after I get the new Cat in. I see your helpful info on gasket fitting, Perhaps I should go with factory gaskets. All for now.
  6. The shield around the forward Y exhaust pipe is to prevent leafs or debris from catching fire. That is the only reason for it. The hole behind the second/rear o/s sensor is causing the o/s sensor to run cooler. the computer senses the different between the bank 1 forward and rear/back o/s sensor and throws the code. There are no sensors to measure pressure only temperature difference. The computer is programmed with a range of codes for each sensor . If an o/s sensor is cooler then it should be a code is thrown indicating either the cat is clogged or a hole exist in the exhaust. You
  7. I been pondering over some recent fault codes of p0420 and p0430 codes found on my 2001 ls430. After some investigation I have a solution that can save everyone a lot of money. 1)The codes P0430 and p0420 indicate your catalytic converter efficeniency is reduced. This would lead one to believe that the catalytic converter needs to be replaced which can be a major expense since your ls430 has three catalytic converters. (two forward and one rear) . With a little investigation I found that the foward exhaust pipe/rear catalytic converter (all one unit) (part number 51868
  8. This is for all of those people seaching for a replacement subwoofer that was damaged because either you or one of the kids turned the bass up to loud or played some of that more modern music on your Mark levinson Stereo system and the subwoofer speaker now makes a rattling noise in the back . This will work for any make or model subwoofer lexus offers. Go find/borrow/buy an electric glue gun or heavy duty bathroom tub/tile 100% silcone clear caulk (home depot or lowes). I prefer the glue gun. Pull off or pry with screw driver or puddy knife the subwoofer top grill where you suspect the
  9. Can anyone tell me what a good replacement subwoofer for my 2001 ls430 with a Mark Levison Stereo and where to buy? Mine is shot and from what I have searched on this forum it's not clear. I need website and price and olms?
  10. Does anyone know an aftermarket manufacturer of trunk lift supports for the LS430 model. What is the part number?
  11. Does anyone know were I can get a list of the lexus service op codes with Descriptions of what each code means. I Would like to know the complete detailed service history of my car so I know how to plan for the future service of the car. Recently I bought a used 2001 ls430. I had the dealer print off the service history that included the op code and description. My problem was is on many of the r/o numbers the report contained an op code but with an unknown description for the op code. Does anyone know what the Cond. and type mean on the service history report? The report contained the
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