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  1. Have a 1999 GS300 after heavy rains my #5 Cylinder has misfire. Windshield has been replaced almost 5 times due to roads in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Last time I had windshield replaced technician said my car had bad rust around the window seal. More than likely the Window has been leaking for quite some time due to poor installations and poor caulking and sealant around window. Today after a heavy rain car misfiring. Popped the Hood and looked and found water on the #5 Cyliinder Wire and Spark Coil Module. Took a look and I'm thinking the Window Cowl Drain is blocked and when heavy water r
  2. I have a 1999 GS-300 with 130,000 miles on it. Had lots of issues with the vehicle cranking over recently. Got into my car turned the ignition and click, nothing happened. Tried to crank the engine again and click! Nothing again...... My battery was my 1st thought but, my lights were bright and radio and fan were working right. So I saw a couple postings on the lexus owners club and thought I would tackle this job myself. This problem was intermittent, sometimes the car turned over and sometimes it didn't. Recently it would take me up to 10 minutes for the car to crank over and start, so I had
  3. UPDATE;;; FIXED!! This week while I had spare time on my hands I took my car to a Local Auto Glass Shop to have the perfectly fine Windshield pulled from the car for the Auto Glass Shop to replace the Windshield. Within 1/2 hour I received a phone call from the owner who said "WHOEVER REPLACED THE WINDSHIELD LAST DID NOT REPLACE THE TOP RAIL" and the entire frame of the windshield has ROTTED and has been leaking for years. The Top Rail had 3/4 rivets that were the size of a pencil that were allowing water to sit in the channel and sat in there and rotted and corroded the Windshled frame.
  4. i have a 1999 Lexus GS-300 that started leaking water down the Driver Side Window Pillar - Half way Down between Ceiling and Window - This started about a year ago and thought maybe the Sunroof Drain line was clogged - Also thought the windshield was not sealed correctly (Im on my 4th windshield) but not replaced is the last 6 years or so. Every heavy rain the pillar leaks - Within the last year I've had the Starter act up - 1st occurrence was the Starter - Car was cranking by itself without the key in the ignition. So I replaced it (it literally fried). Replaced with NEW Rebuilt Starter from
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