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  1. To answer in order: - Sirius subscriber? I'm sorry... :P I was, will not be again... - My last car had the antenna on the trunk with no issues at all. This antenna is (obviously) on the trunk, and I've seen no sign it will be any different... - On my last car, it was magnetic, and it screwed up the finish. The magnetic antennas *do* slide around, and it scrapes up the finish badly. - Lexus is supposedly coming out with one (I think I heard summertime). I couldn't wait for summer to get my XM back! :D Mike
  2. OK, got my XM installed. Check out this picture to see the new antenna they used: It's about a half-inch square... you can see the scale compared with the brake light and Lexus logo... Interestingly, the installer glued the antenna down with something. I leased the car, but I don't think they can give me much trouble about it if they installed it, can they?? Mike
  3. I posted some pics of my Matador Red. In direct sunlight, the gold metallic flecks become much more obvious, but it seems like the camera doesn't record them properly, blending the red and gold to an orange-ish tint. Anyway have a look at my gallery by clicking here. Notice a couple things: - the different shades of red that appear in sun and shadows, all within one pic; this helps show how dynamic the paint job is - the last pic in the gallery shows the new XM antenna installed "by my dealer" (well, by the company the dealer hires to do the work). It is TINY! About a half-inch square! Very
  4. Best of luck to you Scott! We're in the same area (CT here) and the stock was sparse, to say the least. They ended up getting me my second choice, from a dealerhsip in NY. In retrospect, I'm glad, it turned out to be a most-excellent color (the red)! If they seem to have trouble finding you a car, you can "help them" along as I did, hit and search for your car yourself! Do the power search, put in the car, 2006, etc. and see what shows up... Mike
  5. When I got my IS, the dealer gave me a sheet with different things they can customize, such as the way doors unlock, or the time that headlights remain on after shutting off the car, etc. He said to drive the car a while, then fill out the sheet once I've used all the features and I know what they mean. The first time I do this, they'll customize it for free; after that, any changes would incur a fee. My question: do I have to go to the dealer to get these things changed? Do they have a special computer interface to do this? Seems like it should be something easy in the Nav screen so the owne
  6. Ok, somebody needs to enlighten me... What is Flamenco Red??? Is it the same as Matador Red Mica? HAHA My fault. Matador Red / Flamenco Red / same thing. I knew it was something spanish-sorta... Mike
  7. Yeah, I already posted in that one too to get an answer. Still seems like nobody has managed to do this... Mike
  8. Just wondering if anyone has gotten satellite radio installed on their IS250/350 lately? I got my IS250 two days ago, and they're going to put in the XM Radio on Tuesday. I read that so far, people have been getting the generic XM black antenna mounted on their trunk, but that a color-matched "fin" antenna is coming any time now... Can anyone share any info? And / or pictures?? Thanks! Mike
  9. I'd also like to know this, I can't upload my phone book either. I have a Cingular 2125 (Windows Mobile 2005 SmartPhone). When the Nav system says to start, I "beam" a contact to the car from my phone, the phone says it completed, the car says it failed. So wtf? :) Mike
  10. I only got my car two days ago, so I can't speak to the longevity of the interior or such. My first choice was the black with black, but it wasn't available as I wanted it (IS250, AWD, Nav, no Luxury pkg). I would have also taken the blue onyx, tungsten pearl, or even the gold if it came with another interior besides cashmere (I thought cashmere was too light). I ended up with the Flamenco Red with Sterling leather. I gotta say, I couldn't be happier in retrospect!!! The Flamenco Red is the nicest color I have ever seen on a car, period. You *need* to see this color in person; as with all th
  11. First post! New owner of an IS250, got it last night. My Cingular 2125 works perfectly for calling and dialing. I have not yet figured out how to transfer my address book, although I haven't had the time to look. Has anyone done this??
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