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  1. I came across this arlticle today. Apparently consumer reports has completed it's review of the 2006 sports sedan class. The IS250 beat the BMW 3series and Audi A4, its even more impressive considering the IS250 is arguably more a luxury car then a sports car. Link to full article:
  2. Someone got a little thread happy today. Are you talking about an IS 250 / 300 / 350? I think you may be posting in the wrong forum. Aside from that, there are many similar threads alreay. Try using the search tool on the site. If you have a specific question you might get some answers but thats a bit vague.
  3. Not possible to roll up the windows using only the remote. Should have been possible but they left that out...
  4. I could be wrong but is auto-lock an option? I wasn't aware of this feature? I know that if you unlock the car and don't open any door within 30 seconds the car will lock itself but under normal conditions the car will not just lock itself. Anyone know for sure?
  5. Was the car on a large hill when you started it? The new IS has hill assist. When on a steep grade the car's VSC applies throttle and brakes as needed to prevent you from rolling backwards. The VSC light flashes... Probably not the case but some people do live on steep roads... Either way, its under warrenty...probably a faulty sensor, it happens.
  6. I think you may be mistaken. Once the engine is running, if the key leaves the area, it will not magically shut off. It will complaign that the key is not present but will not stall. That would be a huge legal issue if you were driving and the car just shut itself off... I may be wrong but I see no mention of that in the manual...
  7. Ahh, thanks I overlooked that section. I contacted the dealer and they said "we were out of 5w30"... long story short I had to go down their to have them replace it. Tri County Lexus in Little Falls NJ incase anyone care to know
  8. My dealer uses 10w30 in the IS 250 when changing oil. I am pretty certain it should be 5w30 as per the oil fill cap. Anyone know for sure?
  9. FYI: Just a tip but the audio level in your MP3 files may be low. You can adjust that when encoding from a CD, or if you downloaded the MP3s of the net or something, Itunes will correct the low volume issue....
  10. 20s will deff put your brakes at a mechanical disadvantage...
  11. I have an IS 250 AWD and my father who has drop foot (weekness in the ankle down) and he is able to operate the brakes without complaint. Hope that helps. Actually, I just asked him and he says its much easier then his normal car.
  12. I am new to the forum, but i think the sound you are referring to is the solenoid for the air intake. I may be way off base but the sound is identical to several other vehicles I have owned and I had asked several mechanics who all told me it was the air intake solenoid which opens and closes a butterfly value that allows air to flow into the intake manifold. Like I said, I may be 100% wrong but its what I have been told... EDIT: Or possibly the solenoids in the Fuel Injectors?