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  1. You should also notice that the back up light lens has a similar light green tint to them. This is as Lexus designed it to be.
  2. I have 4 GX470 Center Wheels Caps. These fit the 2003-2009 GX470. They are a silver color. Part number for a pair is: 42603-60520 Brand new - $30.00 a pair includes 2 day Priority Mail. 2 Toyota Oil Filters Part #90915-YZZD3 with drain plug washers and 2 Quarts Amsoil 5W-30 Synthetic Oil. New and unopened. $15.00 plus shipping. Brand new drivers side heated door mirror. Fits 2003-2009 GX470 and Toyota 4Runner. $55.00 includes Priority Mail This Lexus harness connects from the tow hitch to the vehicles tow wiring harness. Part #82169-60050. Part is brand new. $75.00 plus shipping. I
  3. This info looks like the format that Lexus does use for ordering vehicles. So kudos to you for finding this info.
  4. The only difference on vehicles that have the RSES is down by the front passenger right foot, the plastic cowling just sticks out about an inch more, so the floor mat would have to be made smaller in that area to fit properly.
  5. They are also there to quiet down the engine compartment and to cut down on dust and water intrusion.
  6. The black plastic piece is made to snap on an off.
  7. I guess you are correct. The happy meter gives 17.5 while actual calculations bases on fillups give 15.5 . Why cant Lexus make the happy meter accurate? Those mpg meters on vehicles are almost always optimistic. No matter who the manufacturer is.
  8. Remove the black plastic cover at the base of the wiper arm. It snaps off. Then the wiper arm can lock in outward position.
  9. A rock hit the lens. Now it is fogged up and the signal light doesn't blink. Check ebay. I see them there all the time.
  10. Even though most Lexus dealers will say they can't be turned off, the DRL's can be turned off. The dealer needs to use their scan tool and access the menu where they can be turned off. I had it done for no charge on my previous 05, then 06 and my current 07 GX. If the dealer says it can't be done, ask them to look it up in the Lexus service manual, it's in there. Now some dealers will say that it is a safety issue and they will not defeat it. Then it's time to try another dealer. I always had the DRL's turned off before I took delivery of the vehicle.
  11. My 07 GX does it automatically. I believe when I purchased the latest DVD disc last year, the software included this as its been standard on all the 08-09 Lexus models.
  12. It's normal. That is just the way the navigation screen is setup.
  13. The factory approved XM radio is either installed at the port or at the dealership. It is not installed when the GX is being assembled in Japan. Same applies for the tow hitch.
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