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  1. First of all Welcome and Congrats on the GX! The rubber duckie antenna you see is for the Lexus Link. The GX comes "satellite radio ready" meaning that it doesnt have satellite radio in it yet, but the stereo is designed for a satellite radio system which you need to purchase. If you find one from Vais Technology, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. Vais Technology makes good stereo equipment which are compatible for any Lexus model (just make sure you buy the one for the GX) Any more questions, feel free to post it! ;) Thanks for the response. I did order the XMkit from Vais Technologies. I purc
  2. Great explanation O-man !! Thanks. I think I have experienced this sensationn a few times. I'm getting a hitch installed next week so I'll have them check for this TSB on mine. G
  3. What exactly is “the clunk”? I read a good portion of the pinned post on the issue but I can’t seem to find what it is and when it happens. I have an 07 so I’m guessing that it isn’t an issue with this model year. One thing I do experience is this. As I slowly pull up to a stop sign or red light and just before the vehicle comes to a complete stop it feels like something releases. The truck kind of lets go of something like the transmission is going into neutral. I don’t hear a clunk so I’m assuming it’s something else. G
  4. There's no reason they couldn't fix that. I installed a $79 XM Audiovox rig in my last car and I could pause music, have split screens. different size text. You name it. I spend almost $700 on this and get 1/10 the options. Pretty bad. G
  5. I have these icons on my nav screen that look like little ghost heads. They represent community centers. Trouble is I’d like to get rid of them but can’t figure out how to do it. I can add other points like gas stations, ATM that sort of thing and remove them but the ghost heads remain. Any ideas? G
  6. Whatever you decide, be sure to change the oil filter each time the oil is changed. Not lexus related but.... when my wife took in her Honda Accord for it's first oil change they didn't replace the oil filter, just the oil. I thought that was strange. They replace the oil every 5K ( i think) and the filter every second oil change. Weird
  7. Good idea. My neighbor just picked up a new GS and he complained about the ashtray. It has to go. F
  8. I had the XM added to my GX. It works great. My issue is why does it only use half the Nav screen to display the title and artist? If the song title or artist have more then 10 or 12 characters (I’m not sure exactly how many) then I’ll only see the first 12. For example “Take me Home Country Roads” I’ll get “Take Me Home Cou” And the rest of the screen to the right is blank? Does anyone else have an XM system that does this? Thanks G
  9. Good points mcmann, I can't find anyplace other then Lexus to by the CD.
  10. They cut through a cable!! Man that is a drag. I knew a guy with a pickup that had his stolen 3 times. He tried everything to prevent it. Eventually he just stopped carrying a spare while in town. He only threw it on when he went out of town or on vacations. Replacing it won’t be cheap. By the time you buy the rim, tire and the tps sensor (if you choose) it’ll be $500 I’ve never had mine off but I seem to remember reading someplace that it involved cranking it down with a bar of some kind. You have to open the rear door and slide the bar into a hole and turn it to lower the tire. Doesn’t sou
  11. Thanks for checking Step. I appreciate it. Looks like I'm spending some time shopping at E-bay. They haven't locked out the ability to make calls via blue tooth while driving with this upgrade have they?
  12. I'll know by tomorrow afternoon and let you know. Had a busy day today! No worries. I checked which version I have. It's 6.1
  13. I'm waiting for Step to check his system. If it finds my house then I'll upgrade the Nav F
  14. So I enter my home address and it tells me it doesn't exist. Now if the house was built a month ago I could see where a software upgrade might be needed but the house has been there 20 years. It located a house around the corner with the same number but different street. Why can't it find mine. G
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