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  1. Got the same issue with a screw that fell in. I could use some help on how to get this dash part off please.... PM me and I'll forward the instructions.
  2. Got the same issue with a screw that fell in. I could use some help on how to get this dash part off please.... I got the instructions. PM me and I'll send you a copy.
  3. This is always a tough question to answer. It really depends on your ability to cover a catastrophic repair versus your willingnesss to spend the upfront money for the warranty. The general consensus seems to be that you're better off putting the money otherwise spent on the extended warranty into some type of interest bearing account and using it in the event of a needed repair. No question the company issuing the warranty has to make money somehow.
  4. CD mode - Simple mode disabled: Full track display including song title and artist. Does allow track change from the head unit. Playlist control with playlist title displayed. Does not allow playlists that exceed 99 entries. No local iPod control. CD mode - Simple mode enabled: No track display. Does allow track change from the head unit. No playlist control. Does not allow playlists that exceed 99 entries. Allows local iPod control.
  5. Here are the results of my tests setting the Vaistech up in CD versus MD mode. Remember that this is for a 2005 with navigation so if your vehicle has a different audio system, the results may be different. MD mode (no variations between Simple mode enable or disabled other than local iPod control): No song display on head unit. No ability to change playlists from head unit. No playlist display from head unit. Does allow playlists that exceed 99 entries. According to the manual the limit in MD mode is 999. Does allow local control (in Simple mode) from the iPod. Does allow track change from the head unit.
  6. I bought the unit directly from Vaistech as they have a 'group buy' going on until the end of October I believe. I'm still trying to decide which emulation mode I want. 'Simple' mode allows me to control the iPod from the iPod itself (for example, choose the playlist) but doesn't display track information on the headunit whereas disabling 'Simple' mode allows me to choose the playlist as well as other functions from the headunit itself. Given the limited display capabilities of the 4th generation system (2005), I'm probably leaning towards using the 'Simple' mode to use the iPod itself to choose the playlist. I don't really need to see the track information from the headunit. One item that is a little confusing right now is that the application guide from Vaistech shows the unit emulates a CD changer for the 2005 RX and I have followed the programming instructions to set the unit up as such. However, when I choose the mode on the headunit, it shows as MD. This would actually be preferable as the CD changer mode limits playlists to 99 entries while the MD mode allows up to 999. So I'm hoping I can use MD mode. I'll be reprogramming the unit this weekend to MD mode to see if that works. I'll also attempt to route the iPod cable under the carpet and into the center console for a cleaner, more secure installation this weekend.
  7. I bought the SL2i-UP. I have an iPod Touch.
  8. I installed the Vaistech iPod adaptor this past weekend on my 2005 and thanks to Lexuslvr the install went without any problems. Now I'd like to route the iPod cable to the center console between the seats. For a clean look, I'd like to fish the cable under the carpet from the bottom of the dashboard up into the center console. This requires removing the lower plastic panel under the shifter. I couldn't see any caps that would indicate a screw or other fastener so I'm assuming it just has clips. Given the location of the panel and the likely cost to replace it if I damage it, I'd rather get advice from someone that knows how this panel is removed. Thanks!
  9. I've had good luck with the Langka product. Of course this doesn't address the problem itself but does work for repairing the chips.
  10. Continous?!? I am having to replace my Rotors now, because they are warped. This is the first time that i am having to do this. Your post sounds a little scary, what would cause this, or in your case, what would cause it to be "continous" is this a known issue on RXs. One cause of warped rotors is over tightening the wheel lugnuts.
  11. Add me to the list of owners that are happy with the Alenza's. No complaints after this past winter in Chicago. And we know what a long winter it was!
  12. And a slight increase in performance.
  13. In my comparisons I get 1-2 MPG improvement using premium. I would agree that driving style can impact MPG but for me the improvement was enough to offset the slight increase in cost.
  14. I also get higher mileage per gallon when running premium gas (2005 RX330).