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  1. Hello, I need a part for my Lexus Sc300. I need the grayish vinyl piece that wraps around my driver's side front window to the inside. It includes the tweeter speaker cover. My email addy is Thanks, Mike
  2. I need a light bulb for my cluster that lights the trac off warning light. It is the same one that is the seat belt warning light and the air bag warning light. I looked at the bulb, but there was no numbering on it. Thanks, Mike
  3. Hello, I need an upper ball joint boot for my 92 SC300. My current one is torn. I called Lexus and they said that I would have to order an entire new upper control arm. Ouch. Should I go to a junk yard for a boot or is there anywhere else that I can get one? Thanks, Mike
  4. Where would be a good, cheap mechanic in the Kansas City area? I'm new to the area and don't know where a good mechanic that will work on an SC would be. I think I'm having a problem with a pulley or the alternator and I don't want to pay lots of money for the Lexus dealership to take a look at it. Thanks, Mike
  5. Also, I'm pretty new here. Please check out my car (link in my signature) and give me some ideas. I would like to next get a Supra TT drilled/slotted Brake kit. I think it would look good in the rims. Thanks, Mike
  6. I've been having a problem of whenever I start my car my power steering hasn't been working. Along with this my battery light comes on. After a few seconds it starts to work again and the light goes away. Also, if I start my car with the air conditioner on the air conditioner light flashes. There has only been a problem when I started the car until recently when I was in line at a drive-thru and my power steering wasn't working and the battery light was on. I revved the engine and it was working again. I checked the power steering fluid level and it was fine. I talked to a friend about it and
  7. Sorry to post a link to another forum, but this seems to be in spruce's best interests. Good luck, Mike
  8. Yeah, that fuse is toasted. Getting a new one today. It was suggested that it was the voltage regulator which I believe is in the alternator. It's getting more and more likely that I will be getting a new alternator soon. Thanks for the help, Mike
  9. ...... Well, I went to go work on my car and took off the alternator power contact and cleaned it, after a while i dropped it and many sparks started coming off. I had not disconnected the battery. I disconnected the battery then reconnected everything. Now nothing is working. The car will not start and I cannot even lock the doors. Could this all be because of the alternator or has worse things now happened. I'm scared, Mike
  10. The problem returned today. I went to O'Reillys and they said the battery was fine, but it was the alternator. They hooked up a machine to the battery and when i braked the voltage dropped on the battery. I looked at the alternator and the power connection had gotten so hot that it burned through the plastic cover that covered it. I have also noticed my ABS light came on last night and has not turned ooff since. I have no clue what to do. It only seems to be a problem when I brake so I'm thinking that my ABS has a bad ground or something like that and when I brake it causes problems all
  11. As I said I cleaned the terminals and connectors today and drove around town tonight with no problems and no dimming headlights. Thank you all for helping. This was driving me crazy. Thanks, Mike
  12. Yes, there are fuses under the hood. Both on the driver's side. One is a small one for the trac system and the abs, the other requires !Removed! out two screws. I have not noticed any problems with my fog lights as of late, but have noticed that the warning light for a light out has been coming on and haven't found a light out. I haven't noticed a problem with the antenna, but usually only listen to CD's. I have checked the battery and tried sanding the connectors and terminals and tried driving around and haven't noticed a problem. I will try again later tonight with the lights on and a
  13. I've been having this exact same problem and any help would be appreciated. I was about to ask about it today and saw this. Thanks in advance, Mike
  14. I recently purchased a 1992 SC300 and was thinking about getting a new security system on it. I talked to someone else with one and he said when he locked his keys in his car the AAA guy told him he couldn't just break in because it will lock down. Is there any truth to this because I am soon moving to a higher theft area and am scared for my SC. Thanks in advance, Mike My new (to me) Lexus:
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