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  1. My all time favorite widebody! RUNNER! I'm sticking with Kaminari sides, SC400 lip, and 99 sc400 back bumper! clean and subtle!
  2. Just wondering if anyone wanted to get rid of their OEM front spoiler. The cost an arm and a leg for a piece of plastic and bolts at the dealer. My sc300 would look a lot better with one of those on there. Thanks!
  3. haahhaa...First of all I want to say that I am 21 and i used to own a Honda Civic Hatchback prior to this, that was stolen, So instead of going out and buying another Honda, I opted to get one of the cars that i always wanted...Sc300. i'm paying for it myself as well as insurance. It's pretty much if you want some something, get it. A Lexus would be a great first car, definitely take car of it. It's not exactly a Dodge Omni.
  4. haha...I wish!...actually it's Dayle Gray's car from Arizona... i actually like your car better! Is that your car in your avatar? anyways...enjoy! thanks for the DIY links guys...I installed my Cupholder within 10 minutes!
  5. I actually have the same problem, everytime I warm up my car and I forget something in the trunk, i have to turn the car off and unlock the trunk. It is inconvenient, i know where your coming from. I just might take it somewhere to get fixed. Which is something I'd rather take care of myself. ;)
  6. Hey guys i just got my cupholder in from, just wondering if anyone could give me any info on installing the cupholder, sounds noob, i know. It says it takes 10 minutes. would I have to pull out the center console? If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Thanks! ~Mike
  7. my stock 12 disc seems to skip when i hit small bumps, however it doesn't seem to do that when i hit the rough bumps or turns. could it just be dirty? is their a cleaner that i could use to clean it? any help is greatly appreciated! ~Mike
  8. all my guage needles on my cluster are all burnt out. The only one that's still on is the temp guage. How could i fix this? Would I have to get a new cluster? needles? or hopefully just batteries or fuses. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!
  9. I was planning on swapping out the headlights, tailights, front bumper valance from the 1999-2000 to my '92 sc300. I was wondering if the sideskirts were compatible as well, if not what skirts would be closer to stock as possible, i was looking into the GARAGE bomber skirts. any suggestions? Thanks everyone.
  10. HRE's = mucho dinero, can't blame them, aesome wheels!
  11. looks good man! what kind of suspension are you running? where'd you get the WORKS from?
  12. I was thinking about getting the Tein Ha coilover kit for my '92 sc300, but i'm not gonna take it to the track. Another option would be a cup kit and get Tein/Eibach springs with bilstein coilovers, or even ground control sleeves with bilstein coilovers. I don't want to go cheap on my car, but i also don't want to get anything i'm gonna use to it's fullest potential. Thanks. :chairshot:
  13. man this is the site that i've been looking for! thanks for the info man. front spoiler for a 95 sc400 is only $150, at the dealer it's about $450. thanks in advance!
  14. seriously man, my friend just swapped out a TT supra motor into his mkIII supra, he' suppose to get sponsored by ENDLESS. i'm cool with the inline 6 stock, i'll ask him where he got it. it was about $5k complete swap. hope you got plenty of money to burn!
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